Construction North 2018 - 24


By Rick Cousineau
Entertainment Chair &
1st Vice-President


e're not just all work, you
Yes, as a group of construction leaders, we do build bridges, roads,
hotels, schools, hospitals, dams... The
list goes on and on. Thankfully, some of
the roads we build lead to the buildings
we build, where we play the games that
we play to relieve some of the stresses
that arise from building said roads and
buildings. Here's what we've been up
to over the past year.
As we have for the past several years,
we all gathered at the Caruso Club on
Dec 9 for a fantastic Christmas Dinner
and Dance. The numbers were down
slightly (some of the usual suspects had
conflicting commitments), but we welcomed some new attendees that really
showed us that they can party it up with
the best of them.

2018 Curling Bonspiel

Dave and the rest of the boys from
Toe Jam Tequila amazed us with their
versatility and tempo. I swear that
Barry White AND Steve Perry were
on stage at the same time. They were
that good. My feet are still sore from
all the dancing.
At the end of the night, we were able
to send Ron Phair of Steelfab home with
the door prize which was a lovely set of
outdoor lighted reindeer.
Helping us get through the February
Blahs was the Curling Bonspiel held
on Feb 2, 2018. I'm not sure how, but
sometimes when you wake up and go
to an icy cold curling rink, the rest of
Sudbury somehow looks like the tropics.
Bragging rights went to the Troy Life
and Fire team, but the real winner was
the NEO Kids foundation that collected
$205.00 that was raised during an

2017 Christmas Dinner and Dance
24 *

impromptu chicken toss. That was, for
me, the highlight of the night.
April 19 quickly rolled around and
so did the AGM which was held at the
Idylwylde. Mayor and Mrs. Bigger, along
with Ian Cunningham of COCA were in
attendance as Special Guest Speakers
for our big night. We were honored to
host Sydney Sheppard from the McEwen
School of Architecture who won this
year's scholarship award, with an
incoming average of 95.5%. Along with
several milestone membership awards,
Cecchetto & Sons Ltd. were presented
with a 70-year plaque! In our 70th year
of operation, we were thrilled to present
this to the member company who has
been with the association from the very
beginning! What an honor it was to
have them all in attendance. Following
a terrific 4-course dinner, the cast of
Murder by Appointment sent us home in
stitches after a hilarious case of "whodunit." Firstly, sore feet from dancing,
now sore belly from laughing.
At the time of writing this article
planning for our 27th Annual Golf
Tournament is well underway. The
day promises to be an outstanding
success with a sold-out venue, a collection of prizes that outshines them all,
and a meal fit for kings. The NEO Kids
Foundation will be the charity of choice
for this year's event.
For the first time, the entertainment
committee is considering a "reprise"
of the golf tournament in the fall. The
vision is to have the Spring Classic and
the Fall Classic, where the Fall Classic
would give preference to those members who have patiently waited for years
without luck to try to take part in the
Spring Classic.
Stay tuned for more information. ❑

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