Construction North 2018 - 7

"Step by step; a path.
Stone by stone; a cathedral."
- Phil Cousineau's great-grandfather
By Denis Shank
Executive Director

It's been quite a ride for NOCA.
Serving this industry is still an enduring passion of mine. It's such a vital
component of life as we know it and life
as we imagine it could be in the future. I
feel honoured to be able to do my small
part in helping it (and especially our
members), grow and thrive.
I have to admit though, the year
just passed has been a bit of a roller
coaster ride. It had its ups and its downs,
with a few loop-di-loops, inversions,
and whirligigs thrown in there too.
The resulting volatility made for some
exasperating stalls in our progress. For
me, frankly, it's been the most challenging year to date, particularly when
I consider the negative impacts these
setbacks had on our member service
targets. Still, regardless of any bumps
in the road, your Northeastern Ontario
Construction Association (NOCA) is
steadily growing and racking up some
significant successes.
Paying Promptly. It's never been
a secret that doing business and even
working in Construction has included
some financial risk. Primarily, many
companies have suffered and even collapsed from crippling delays in payment.
I'm pleased to say that, in that regard,
we've achieved some very significant
outcomes this year. With the help of
my fellow Construction leaders (notably the Council of Ontario Construction
Associations (COCA) and Prompt Payment
Ontario), Prompt Payment was finally
brought through the legislature. This
occurred after falling short two consecutive times with Bill 211 and Bill 69.
Bill 142 received Royal Assent with the
support of the Attorney General's office
and with MPPs voting 87 to 0 in favour

of it. Still, the work on this initiative is
far from over. Now, we're working on
implementing the system, building the
means for adjudication and informing
the industry about how they will have
to conduct business within these new
The new Prompt Payment system will
ensure that contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and workers are paid in
a timely way. Once a proper invoice is
received, owners are required to pay
generals within 28 days. Then, once the
generals have received payment, they
are required to pay subtrades within
7 days, and so on down the line. Some
of these amendments were effective as of
July 1st, 2018, and the payment regime
and dispute resolution systems will be
coming into force on October 1st, 2019.
Please feel free to call our office to receive
your copy of the 'Layman's Guide' for this
new Prompt Payment System.
Where are we now? A current snapshot of the economic situation shows us
that construction currently accounts for
11% of Ontario's Gross Domestic Product
(GDP), and is expected to grow to 13.2%
of GDP by late 2020. This puts the construction industry at a noteworthy
growth crossroad. Industry companies
will need to address the challenges presented by the following 5 main issues:
1) Solving poor productivity/profitability
2) Increasing project performance;
3) Dealing with skilled labor shortages;
4) Planning for and achieving sustainability; and
5) Increasing value and duration of construction projects.
Businesses that can imaginatively
accommodate these considerations into

their business models will be poised for
significant growth. Businesses that fail
to act on these challenges will be faced
with an uphill battle for viability.
And in the future? Of course, there
are many other challenges on the horizon that will need our attention. We will
be monitoring, advocating for and directly addressing: WSIB reform on various fronts; the Ontario College of Trades'
upcoming ratio review; Infrastructure
Ontario; the implications of Bill 148;
and new safety requirement initiatives.
These are all areas where we will be
working hard to fuel the future.
So many to thank! Thank you all
so much for being a part of NOCA.
Remember that with your membership
in NOCA, you can always consider me,
Sarah and Courtney as part of your staff.
You are always welcome to call, visit,
ask questions, make requests for training, or to take advantage of any of your
membership benefits, at any time.
Speaking of the NOCA staff (Sarah
and Courtney); I can't say enough about
how much their dedication, support
and assistance have meant to me over
the last year. I couldn't possibly have
made it without their help. They've
been amazing.
Finally, I must express a special
and heartfelt "Thank you" to all of the
people who have assisted me throughout the year, for all the work and selfless
dedication they've contributed in the
past 12 months, both for me and for
our Industry.
Written by Denis Shank, NOCA Executive
Director, with copywriting support from
Paul Comacchio, Comacchio Diversified,
(705) 523-4617.
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