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Feature Alternative Project Delivery, Alternative Risks Are construction managers more at risk? BY MICHAEL C. ZISA AND WARREN E. FRIEDMAN IN THE DAYS of design-bid-build project delivery, architects and engineers were responsible for design, and contractors were responsible for construction. These days, however, the bright lines of responsibility have been blurred by alternative project delivery methods such as "design-build" and "construction manager at-risk." As project delivery methods change, so do risks for contractors who assume these alternate and expanded roles. A Massachusetts Superior Court decision highlights the potential risks for a construction manager at-risk (CM@R). In what it determined was a matter of first impression, that Massachusetts trial court ruled that, based on its scope of work under the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SURETY BOND PRODUCERS | WWW.NASBP.ORG 13 http://WWW.NASBP.ORG

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