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feature eJCdCstandard form releases first industry public-private partnership agreement OvER ThE PAST few years, public-private partnerships (P3s) have been used with increasing frequency in the United States to finance, develop, design, construct, and operate and maintain both horizontal and vertical construction projects that were traditionally delivered solely by public financing and traditional design-bid-build project delivery. It is no secret that P3 projects are more complex, with more moving parts, than more traditional project delivery methods. The agreements between the governmental entity and the concessionaire, to date, have been drafted as manuscripted documents, requiring long development periods and extensive legal costs. To assist governmental entities and private partners in developing P3 agreements for infrastructure improvements and services, the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) has developed the first industry standard form P3 agreement. Released September 2014, the EJCDC® P3-508, Public-Private Partnership Agreement, provides a 18 surety BoNd Quarterly | WINTER 2014 template that informs the parties of issues for consideration in finalizing a specific agreement for a publicprivate partnership. "I think that EJCDC is aiming at somewhat more garden variety projects than some of the bigger projects," explained Hugh N. Anderson, Esq., EJCDC's retained legal counsel, noting that the mechanism may be a good fit for certain projects, including improvements to wastewater Hugh N. Anderson treatment facilities. "A private entity could come in and essentially take the revenue stream that is available with those sorts of facilities from the users and leverage that into making improvements and designing these operations for the twenty-first century." As a construction contract attorney, Anderson was hired to provide legal services to the EJCDC umbrella

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Surety Bond Quarterly - Winter 2014