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BEHIND THE FOAM O SELLING A PRODUCT THEY BELIEVE IN BY JAMES CARELESS “W hat I like about sprayfoam insulation is that it’s a product that does exactly what it says it’s going to do,” says Rob Tollen. He and brother George Tollen own and operate New Era Spray Foam Insulation in El Paso, Texas. “What I also love about sprayfoam is that you truly get what you pay for,” Rob Tollen continues. “With fiberglass insulation, you’re only getting a fraction of its rated R-value when you get it home and installed. But sprayfoam insulation: It’s the real deal.” Rob Tollen’s path to sprayfoam believer/entrepreneur began when he hired contractors to insulate his own home with sprayfoam. “Frankly, I wasn’t too happy with the job they did,” Tollen says. “But I had real faith in sprayfoam as a superior foam of insulation, and decided to learn more about it myself. Since there were no sprayfoam providers in El Paso at the time, I could see that there was an opportunity. Besides, my brother George was looking for a job coming out of college, so we started a business where we could work together.” Today, George Tollen heads up New Era’s seven sprayfoam technicians and manages the firm’s many clients onsite. Meanwhile, Rob stays in the office managing sales, administration and the books. To get into the business, the Tollens signed up for a basic sprayfoam application class. Next, they joined the AirTight network, then got their first trailer of sprayfoam equipment and a pickup truck to haul it. The trick then was to find work, and it wasn’t easy: “We really had to hustle to get people to open their 24 SPRAYFOAM PROFESSIONAL | Summer 2013 minds to the many advantages of sprayfoam insulation,” recalls Rob Tollen. “So we did whatever we could to make them receptive to the idea. We talked to builders and mechanical engineers. We spoke to architects and drafters, since they are the first people that consumers tend to turn to. And when we started to get work doing home insulation projects, we painted launch signs and made sure that people could see the full-sized billboard message on the sides of our trailers.” New Era’s commitment to education and promotion – the company regularly hosts sprayfoam information classes for the American Institute of Architects – paid off. As the years passed, the company’s business grew, encompassing business/institutional clients and moving into roof spraying as well. As a sprayfoam business that serves western Texas and southeastern New Mexico, New Era has built its client base by a solid commitment to quality installation and service. Its qualifications are listed proudly on the company’s home page (www.newerasprayfoam.com), including its AirTight authorize dealer status, Building Performance Institute seal, and, of course, SPFA membership. “New Era prides itself on having the most trained applicators and the latest equipment promising to do it right the first time anywhere anytime,” the company’s website declares. “New Era’s goal is to insulate every home as if it were our own.” These are more than just mere words: A check with the Better Business Bureau online (www.bbb.org) shows that New Era Spray Foam Insulation has an A http://www.newerasprayfoam.com http://www.bbb.org http://www.naylornetwork.com/spfa/

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President's Post - Feast, Famine ...& Friends!
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Safety First - Effect of Ventilation Rates on Applicator Exposure During SPF Application
Checklist - How to Reduce Exposures During SPF Application
Legislative Update - The Immigration Reform and Construction
Behind The Foam - Rob Tollen and George Tollen: Selling a Product They Believe In
Speaking Sensibly
2013 SPFA Contractor Awards
Ask the Expert - Perfecting Your Masking and Trimming
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SPRAYFOAM Professional - Summer 2013