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PRESIDENT S PRESIDENT’S POST FEAST, FAMINE… & FRIENDS! B usiness for many of us can certainly be challenging. We work hard to grow our businesses, to train and retain our employees, to make sure our equipment is in tip-top operating condition along with the thousand other details that we encounter each day. Perhaps one of the most challenging (and the one we have the least control over) is scheduling! Successfully obtaining business opportunities, projects, jobs, etc., is what we all strive to do. Entering into that process brings with it a multitude of questions….How does my “back log” look? Am I winning too much work (price too low)? Am I losing too much work (price too high)? Am I capably and professionally handling the work I win in a timely manner? What is my track record on getting in and getting out of projects? Am I experiencing too many “call backs” – a schedule killer!! All of these factors and variables are on our minds as we successfully seek to obtain more business. Yet, despite our best thoughts, our best efforts, our working knowledge and experience, we invariably run a cycle of “Feast or Famine”! Feast or Famine is a reality in many businesses. However, in the world of the sprayfoam professional where each and every job means deploying men, machinery and material, Feast or Famine is absolutely no fun! Bad weather, project delays, projects moving along great (what, you’re ready for us NOW?!?), financing hiccups… whatever the reason and whichever way the timing moves, it is a constant struggle in our world. What can help that? Friends! And more specifically, industry friends & associates. Our ability to handle the feast or famine cycles can be greatly aided by creating and sustaining friendships 8 SPRAYFOAM PROFESSIONAL | Summer 2013 Our ability to handle the feast or famine cycles can be greatly aided by creating and sustaining friendships inside our industry.” inside our industry. Whether we are 600 square feet short and have NO foam left or need that specific part that we can’t wait for overnight or “if we just had a 2 man prep crew to get us ready, we’re good”; Whatever the circumstance, a friend in need is a friend indeed. You have heard me say here before that being a Spray Polyurethane Foam contractor is not for the faint of heart. It is a tough, challenging, maddening sector of work. The only people who can really understand its challenges are others in the same business / boat. That is the reason the SPFA started (many years ago as the Urethane Foam Contractors Association or “UFCA”) and why the SPFA continues today. To be there for the professional sprayfoam contractor and work for a better environment for them and their companies. For me personally and professionally, the SPFA and the friendships and business relationships I have developed through the SPFA have provided value far beyond what dollars and cents could convey. Given the challenging economy we are faced with today, the growth in the usage of SPF and the corresponding growth in market share is an indication that we are doing the right things in the right ways. If this trend continues (as we all hope it does!), our ability to reach across town or across the country to get help from someone who has “been there, done that” will be tantamount for our continued successes. At our Conference this past February in Jacksonville, it was clear that we as an industry are truly beginning to emerge and establish ourselves as a current, responsible, high performing industry. Know that these efforts are not only supported by your membership, they exist FOR you!! You, the professional sprayfoam contractor, should be first in line to become part of the association that will help create and engender the professional (and personal) relationships that can make such a positive difference in our daily lives. So whether it is Feast or Famine…the Friendships that our association helps create will be there for you. Thank you for your support & membership. If you know of a fellow sprayfoam contractor, whether in your back yard or across the state, encourage them to become a “Friend” as well and become part of our active, valuable SPFA. Be good, stay safe and have a great summer! o Bob Duke SPFA Board President Applied Energy Savings Systems (AESS) http://www.naylornetwork.com/spfa/

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President's Post - Feast, Famine ...& Friends!
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Safety First - Effect of Ventilation Rates on Applicator Exposure During SPF Application
Checklist - How to Reduce Exposures During SPF Application
Legislative Update - The Immigration Reform and Construction
Behind The Foam - Rob Tollen and George Tollen: Selling a Product They Believe In
Speaking Sensibly
2013 SPFA Contractor Awards
Ask the Expert - Perfecting Your Masking and Trimming
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SPRAYFOAM Professional - Summer 2013