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ExPo 2015 SPRAYFoAM 2015 CoNvENTIoN & ExPo PHOTOS SUPPLIED BY marIa LEWIs AND sHaNI CaLVo "W e tried to build it and hoped they'd come. And they did!" said SPFA Executive Director Kurt Riesenberg during Sprayfoam 2015, which experienced record-setting numbers this year in Albuquerque, N.M., in January. "SPFA's Sprayfoam Convention and Expo is the only organized show that represents your tie to the entire spray polyurethane foam value chain and industry, and its tie to you," said SPFA Executive Director Kurt Riesenberg. SPFA rolled-out its new trademarked phrase, FOAM-IT-RIGHT®, at the convention this year and the speakers, their topics, the messages from exhibitors, the sponsors, the Contractor Excellence Awards and everyone involved in the show focused upon what it means to FOAM-IT-RIGHT®. In addition to incredible attendance on the trade show floor, the breakout EXPO SPONSORS sessions, the PCP training and exams, and during the networking events, this year's event had even more publicity and attendance due to the presence and support of Ty Pennington and the debut of a new idea: opening the trade show floor to the public. "There is so much interest in sprayfoam's insulating, airsealing and architectural benefits today, we wanted to try something new by opening the expo to the public," said Riesenberg. Attendees also had the opportunity to meet Ty Pennington, host of the two-time Emmy and two-time People's Choice award-winning Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, who was on the expo floor in the Lapolla products booth, and was interacting with attendees and available for photos. If you want to see what you missed at Sprayfoam 2015 or just want to revisit some of the activities that took place, check out the Conference Daily enewsletters (see the links below). They contain highlights from the event and details on how you can follow through with the contacts you made there. Also, check the SPFA website, www.sprayfoam.org/expo, for post-show updates, the breakout presentations and other Sprayfoam 2015 information. Issue 1 (pre-expo): http://bit.ly/1G1AW2p Issue 2: http://bit.ly/1EUUz6E Issue 3: http://bit.ly/1NupOub Issue 4: http://bit.ly/1IJDhxl Issue 5: http://bit.ly/1ysOn3M Issue 6 (post-expo wrap-up): http://bit.ly/1F9FFfC We WoulD like to thank our sponsors. It is due to their commitment and leadership that SPFA is able to deliver such a great convention experience to our attendees. PREMIER PREMIER MEDIA PARTNER 18 sprayfoam Professional | Summer 2015 http://www.sprayfoam.org/expo http://www.bit.ly/1G1AW2p http://www.bit.ly/1EUUz6E http://www.bit.ly/1NupOub http://www.bit.ly/1IJDhxl http://www.bit.ly/1ysOn3M http://www.bit.ly/1F9FFfC

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President’s Post
Foam Business News
SPFA Today
Sprayfoam 2015 Convention and Expo Coverage
The Impact of Negative Media
Legislative Update
Behind the Foam
Speaking Sensibly New Building Codes – Air Tightness, Ventilation and Moisture Control
Communication and Commercial Sprayfoam Projects
2015 SPFA Contractor Awards
Safety First
Ask the Expert
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SPRAYFOAM Professional - Summer 2015