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businEss toDaY thE iMPact of nEGativE MEDia BY KUrT rIEsENBErG W e are all familiar with it. Toward the end of election season when one candidate is way behind, or if it's a close race, the negative ads start coming out. At that point the messages become stifled and lost, and some claims are so convoluted that you'd need a research degree to piece together the disparate bits of information or references being used to paint the negative picture. This type of negative media is not constrained to just an election cycle. It is going on every day in the SPF industry by our competition and detractors, and it's reaching a frenetic level. In the past several years there has been a rash of produced negativemedia, messaging, presentations, code proposals and other efforts coordinated and directed against SPF, predominantly around insulation. In the remainder of this article, several (not nearly all) recent instances of high-profile negative messaging will have some light shown upon them. This is not to celebrate these examples, but rather to inform you of their existence so that you may be aware, empowered, recognize the rhetoric when you see it, and know what SPFA is doing about it. It's also because much of the criticism is a compilation of factual information assembled and presented in a disingenuous, disjointed way that paints a bad picture of SPF - these are the areas of damaging criticism against the SPF industry that can impact your business. Insulate with Integrity This website (www.insulatewithintegrity.com) hosted by Owens Corning deserves a dissection that would take this entire publication. The challenge is that the author(s) takes information from so many places, reassembles them on this website in a way that presents them out of context, and takes a lot of In the past several years there has been a rash of produced negativemedia, messaging, presentations, code proposals and other efforts coordinated and directed against SPF, predominantly around insulation." worthwhile, good information on SPF and distorts it. All done in a very defensible, passive-aggressive manner meant to instill confusion and fear in the audience so they won't choose SPF. Allow me to address all of the criticisms on this site in one sentence: Yes, SPF needs to be installed well, ideally by a trained and experienced contractor, it uses MDI, amines, blowing agents, fire retardants; requires the use of ventilation during and after installation, PPE for the installer, and for the occupants to depart the installation site for 24 hours +/- whatever the manufacturer installation instructions say. That's the Truth about Sprayfoam and it's just that simple, despite whatever disjointed references and color schemes and odd comparisons can be made. The genuine and positive product stewardship work the SPF industry has engaged in for years with federal agencies leading to substantial enhancement in health, safety, and installation quality are cited and presented on this site instead as a failure of the industry and the product, when in fact those efforts are some of the industry's greatest successes. www.sprayfoam.org | sprayfoam Professional 21 http://www.insulatewithintegrity.com http://www.insulatewithintegrity.com http://www.sprayfoam.org

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SPRAYFOAM Professional - Summer 2015