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bEhinD thE foaM JiM anDErsEn: what 40+ YEars in sPf can tEach You BY sHaNI CaLVo A bout an hour's drive from the Twin Cities, two fishing boats lazily bob on the water in Amery, Wisconsin's Bear Trap Lake, in front of a picture-perfect cabin that appears plucked from a movie set. But, their idleness will soon be coming to an end, once the occupant of the house turns his focused attention their way - and this summer is looking like a good one. James "Jim" Andersen, who sits less than 50 feet away and has spent countless hours looking out the window of his home office, thinking about the fun he could have learning to fish on the lake with those fine boats, will soon have the time to make that dream a reality. Effective July 2, Jim will formally retire from his role as Senior Marketing Applications Specialist at BASF. And, if his past is any indication of how he will live his future, those fish in Bear Trap Lake will all soon know and respect "Captain Jim" and recognize his boats' motors as soon as they are revved up. Since 1972, Jim has been actively involved in the spray polyurethane foam industry, forming a company specializing in sprayfoam with Norm Ritland and Elwood Syverson called Custofoam Corporation, which is still prospering and located in Mauston, Wis. "I started with two partners who were from the same hometown, we went to high school together, attended the same church," said Jim. In 1974 he sold his interest in the company, moved to Minneapolis and started working for Empro, a distributing company, where he set up and trained applicators and contractors. "The SPF industry was kind of in the pioneering state and a lot of people needed help starting businesses and installing SPF," explained Jim, who worked with Empro from 1974 to 1977 and eventually became part owner. In 1977, Jim had the urge to start his own business again and formed a company called Foam Enterprises Inc. with Dennis Holbert, where he filled several job functions Jim and Julie Andersen in Mexico until 2004, when it was sold to BASF. Since then, and until July 2, Jim has worked for BASF as a marketing applications specialist and taught roofing, foam mechanics and materials and insulation classes at the TTC. Juan Hurtado, who will be taking on this role once Jim retires, has past roofing experience and has worked for BASF with sprayfoam for several years. "Juan's team of specialists will be able to continue to offer training and technical support for the many applications that sprayfoam and coatings are used for," explained Jim. A Training Theme Sunset and sunrise (inset) on the lake If you look at Jim's history, there is an overwhelming theme: Jim loves to learn, but he also loves to teach others. It started back when he was just a child, when he used to help his parents run an office supply business. Jim said he helped in the store and with sales and learned a lot. "The trust they placed in me and the experience I gained was invaluable." This trust and experience not only helped Jim when he went to college, where he earned a business administration and economics degree from the www.sprayfoam.org | sprayfoam Professional 29 http://www.sprayfoam.org

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Legislative Update
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2015 SPFA Contractor Awards
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SPRAYFOAM Professional - Summer 2015