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sPfa awarDs historic housE wELcoMEs hiGh-tEch sPf MaKEovEr sPFA 2015 nAtionAl ContrACtor eXCellenCe AWArd Winning ProJeCt (rooF FoAM less thAn 40,000 sq. Ft.) Congratulations to Wedge Roofing, winner of the 2015 National Contractor Excellence Award for Roof Foam Less Than 40,000 Sq. Ft. This Marin County sprayfoam roofing project is an example of SPF's unique performance, applicability and appeal, in this case at a 3,200 square-foot historic residence in San Rafael, Calif. The material supplier for this job was Premium Spray Products. "T his was just one of those perfect projects that accentuates some of the more notable features of sprayed polyurethane foam," explained SPFA PCP Certified Installer Ralph Wedge, president of Wedge Roofing. "While there are certainly larger square footage SPF projects, we felt this project was a microcosm of SPF done right, mixing long-lasting quality with unique application methods." The project was a 3,200 square-foot historic residence in San Rafael, Calif., that had some major challenges, including integration of extensive components under the new roof and installation of permanent (in-place) photovoltaic and solar water-heating systems after the SPF and coating had been installed. The project also had to meet rigorous building codes such as Marin County's WUI and California's Title-24. Without SPF, this would have been extremely difficult or impossible to achieve both the required R-values and the non-venting insulation. 42 sprayfoam Professional | Summer 2015 Brad Houlden (left) presents the award to Wedge Roofing President Ralph Wedge at the Contractor Industry Excellence 10th Anniversary Awards Luncheon held at Sprayfoam 2015 in January. The client also requested "sound studio" quality noise deadening, which was achieved to STC ratings of 65 and higher. Finally, all components had to be long lasting, as the home owner did not want to remove and replace his extensive photovoltaic and waterheating systems. This combination of codes, regulations and unique project requirements involved quite a bit of planning and problem solving throughout the project. "Foam was truly the only solution that would have been able to achieve all of these goals," added Gary Harvey, Wedge Roofing's general manager. "The adaptability and ability to eliminate areas of standing water on the flat roof is something SPF is uniquely suited for." "Wedge Roofing has been at SPF for a good while now," continued Ralph, "so we were confident we could fulfill this client's complex goals." Indeed, the client ended up with a watertight, highlyinsulated and sound-deadened structure which will not require any manual intervention for over a quarter of a century. Terry Hall, agent for owner, expected this structure to be a "net zero" energy consumption building when commissioned. Technicalities The project took a 1950s Marin County Eichler, which was the second residence

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SPRAYFOAM Professional - Summer 2015