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asK thE ExPErt QuaLitY controL saMPLinG of sPf BY spfa 's CoNsULTaNT CommITTEE, masoN KNoWLEs, roGEr morrIsoN, pHIL roBarGE, JoHN HaTfIELD, roBB G. smITH, HENrI fENNELL S PFA gets calls regularly from customers, designers, architects and others looking for straight answers to their questions on SPF. Our panel of experts recently addressed this topic: Q uestion? I was asked recently if our company took quality control samples of our foam during application. What specifically is a quality control sample, what value is it, and how do you take one? A quality control sample is a piece of foam obtained from the actual substrate/assembly that you are spraying. This differs from a sample that is sprayed off target to plastic, cardboard or plywood. The sample is typically 2-4 inches in diameter and extends from the top surface of the foam to the substrate. The value of a quality control sample is that if taken at regular intervals during the application, it can identify foam defects early on so that the whole job is not compromised. Specifically the sample can let you know if the foam has the physical properties desired for that application and will perform as expected. Quality control samples also indicate adhesion to substrate. 48 sprayfoam Professional | Summer 2015 The following characteristics can be observed and measured from a quality control sample: o Density o ompressive strength C o ell structure C o Adhesion to the substrate o Interlaminar foam adhesion o Presence of moisture on the substrate o Anomalies such as fissures, cracks, blowholes, voids, etc. o Strong odor The first quality control sample should be obtained as soon as the foam has set sufficient to adequately represent Quality control samples tell density, strength and number and thickness of lifts.

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SPRAYFOAM Professional - Summer 2015