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associate member FORUM Random Musings to Open 2016... By Dallas Little W As an association, it is our civic and ethical duty to see to it that these newly-apportioned funds are properly managed. Our objective has, is and always will be centered on producing a quality, long-lasting product at a competitive cost. ith each passing year, our industry strives to find silver linings in light of perpetually pessimistic economic indicators. Until late 2015, this trend appeared to once again be the model for 2016. Then it happened... Thanks to a large voter turnout in the great State of Texas, Proposition 7 passed with greater than 80 percent support. Prop. 7 authorizes a stable source of funding for construction and maintenance projects over the next several years. Around the same time that the excitement over the passing of Prop. 7 began to finally subside, Congress authorized an 11th Hour, $305 billion extension to the Federal Highway Bill. Each of these pieces of legislation will go a long way toward ameliorating the funding shortfalls that have beset our industry since 2008. As an association, it is our civic and ethical duty to see to it that these newlyapportioned funds are properly managed. Our objective has, is and always will be centered on producing a quality, long-lasting product at a competitive cost. TXAPA's membership will be challenged to work together to ensure that asphalt products are positioned to be the best choice for specifiers as we move into the dawn of a new age. This year, the Associate Members' Committee will assume an active role in vetting a host of concepts intended to increase pavement/mix performance, operational efficiencies and decrease cost. Principally comprised of material and equipment suppliers, the Associate Members' Committee has historically been responsible for hosting one technical showcase per year along with supporting efforts to educate producers on methods aimed at producing higher quality products. This year's goal will be somewhat more ambitious. As of the publishing of this piece, I, along with the Associate Members' Board, will be assessing topics to be presented at two different Technical Showcases throughout the year. We are inviting equipment or material suppliers to approach the Board with ideas that make a sound technical and business case for consideration. The goal will be to present these concepts at the Strategic Planning Program in February in order to receive peer feedback on each topic submitted. As an affiliate of the Associate Members' Committee for 2016, I would like to challenge our committee to make a difference - not only with regards to providing much appreciated social services at our bi-annual functions, but in an effort to present innovative solutions across our entire industry. It's time that all divisions of our association take an active leadership role toward ensuring that the asphalt industry is left in capable hands for the foreseeable future. I am honored to have the opportunity to help guide the efforts of our committee. I look forward to helping build a lasting legacy for future committees to follow. I openly encourage participation, discourse, free flow of ideas and a challenge to the status quo. This year's Associate Members' Committee will build off of the excellent leadership provided by past boards and committees. Thanks to this selfless group of individuals, a collective voice has been developed. Now it's time for us to positively affect the hot mix industry through our innovative solutions. On a personal note, I am humbled by the opportunity to hold such a position for the next 12 months. I would like to extend a personal thanks to Armando Sotelo for leaving the Associate Members' Committee in the best condition I've witnessed since being a part of TXAPA. I will continue to rely on his guidance as we chart a new path for this committee. I would also like to thank the Board of Directors for their continued support of our committee. Communication is paramount in all industries. However, the camaraderie between the committees in TXAPA has gone a long way toward supporting continued growth in the industry. In short, the funding outlook is optimistic. The need for an overhauling of the nation's transportation infrastructure is pervasive. Economies don't thrive without the ability to move goods and services. It's our responsibility to continue to support economic development. We reside in the best state, in the best country on God's Earth. The pressure on the asphalt industry is great. We will respond.✪ Texas Asphalt Magazine SPRING 2016 11

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