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p re s i d e nt 's M ES S AG E A Commitment to TXAPA's Partners in Quality Meetings By Cayetano Silva, III TXAPA President W e anticipated 2016 would be an exciting year, but it has quickly exceeded my expectations. Kicking off the year with our Annual January Membership Meeting was a great way to begin the many activities we have planned and programmed for 2016. Conducting our first Environmental, Health and Safety Seminar and the industry response to our Partners in Quality (PIQ) meetings has strengthened my resolve that TXAPA members are committed and dedicated to quality. I want to thank our membership for their active involvement, their support of TXAPA's programs, and our goal of promoting and growing our industry through training, education and partnering. Being elected as president of TXAPA for 2016 is a great honor for me. I have always appreciated the partnering spirit that TXAPA and its members have demonstrated and the accomplishments that undertaking has accomplished. As an early witness to the success of PIQ meetings in Houston, I have been a strong proponent that open communication with our partners can only lead to successful projects. Being a part of the Houston PIQ success story is the reason I believe more PIQ meetings can help all of us meet the goals of our ultimate customer, the traveling public. I am glad to announce that we are well on our way to conduct 30 PIQ meetings this year which will reach each TxDOT district. I want to thank all of our members for their support and active participation in making those meetings a success. I also want to thank all of our TxDOT partners, from administration to the divisions, and all of the districts for being great partners and open to discussing how we can achieve more award winning asphalt pavements. Like most everyone in our asphalt pavement industry in Texas, I am extremely busy. Despite that, I still try to attend as many of the PIQ meetings around the state as possible. I am starting to learn that although our basic format is consistent, each meeting takes on a little different personality. However, one constant that remains at each meeting is the discussion of what it takes to get quality asphalt pavements. One of the topics that usually comes up in some sort of fashion is TxDOT's list of the Top 10 Pavement Design Do's and Don'ts and the Top 10 Ways to Get More Durable HMA Pavements. I want to applaud the efforts of Robert Lee and his team in the TxDOT Flexible Pavements Branch for their work in developing these lists and distributing them during our Annual Meeting last year. This simple tool has become a very effective communication conduit that is helping everyone focus on the basic principles of good pavement design and ways to get more durable HMA pavements. By utilizing many of the topics on the Top 10 lists, we will have projects designed for performance and for more durable pavements. As basic as it sounds, item number one under the Top 10 Ways to Get More Durable HMA Pavements can begin the process to success: Number One: Do Your Homework: Evaluate existing pavement condition and perform a proper pavement design to determine the appropriate thickness. Select the right mix for the right job. The other one I hear discussed the most during the PIQ meetings is: Number Eight: Include adequate surface preparation in the plans: Identify and repair existing pavement failures before overlaying. Crack-seal or underseal when needed to protect the base from water intrusion. Mill when necessary to restore ride. The best mixes will not perform to design specifications if placed on an unprepared surface. Both of these are great topics that inspire conversion; good conversation that leads to quality and success. Again, I want to thank TxDOT for developing these lists and sharing them with their industry partners. As I mentioned earlier, I am a strong proponent of open communication with our partners, and with our commitment to Partners in Quality meetings we can achieve award winning, durable HMA Pavements. During my service as TXAPA's President for 2016, I look forward to working with all of our members and partners to achieve our mutual goals. Thank you for being "Dedicated to Quality." ✪ Texas Asphalt Magazine SPRING 2016 7

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