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t the crossing of bluebonnets, hill
country, and the big city, a growing asphalt technology company
is making its mark. U.S. Polyco, Inc. began
its first manufacturing facility in the
small Czech town of Ennis, Texas. There
the company built a foundation growing
and developing its technology by creating
new, high performance, polymer-modified
asphalts hallmarked by its product lines
proXimity, moduPlus and pavAeon.
ProXimity, the company's shingle sealant
and adhesives line was introduced to the
industry to solve customer dilemmas with
shingle blow offs, while the moduPlus line
of modified coatings increased shingle hail
impact resistance. U.S. Polyco answered
these challenges from their roofing customers by increasing the temperature
range of asphalt with improved flexibility,
and new patented technology for both
non-oxidized and oxidized asphalt. This
foundation led to the introduction of the
patent pending, "green" asphalt technology package: pavAeon.
PavAeon is a PG binder technology that
essentially extends the life and properties
of paving asphalt. Comprised of recycled
tire rubber, select asphalt products, and
styrenic block modifiers; pavAeon provides
a base binder in a category. This advancement is developed through the use of a
new tire-rubber processing technology,

Rapid Digestion Process (RDP), and a newly
developed polymer system tailored specifically to paving asphalt. The RDP process
not only digests tire rubber to better
than 99 percent dissolution, but allows
for higher concentration levels and has the
fastest conversion rates in the industry.
PavAeon, modified with our specialized
polymer, has excellent elastic recovery
results on MSCR, even after testing on
the PAV. In most cases, the polymer can
be damaged in the hot mix process. U.S.
Polyco's new pavAeon system withstands
the harsh testing of a PAV or hot mix process. The new polymer system will perform
long after the typical polymer fails.
Polyco's Performance Grade binders,
such as USP 7220 R meet state specifications typical of PG 70-22. This product
is capable of going beyond conventional
feedstock limitations by significantly
extending the PG spread. As these binders have a minimum of 10 percent tire
rubber by weight, they provide longer
lasting, high contrast, black surface for
highway marking. This provides a material that meets both rutting and crack
resistance not typically realized with
other conventional SBS modified paving.
PavAeon specialty binders, designated by
the "X" in USP 7410 X, were developed
using U.S. Polyco's new polymer technology. This technology yields a better MSCR

performance that lasts beyond the RTFO
and actually makes it to the road.
Currently under construction, U.S.
Polyco is building a 300,000 barrel,
multi-use terminal in Cleburne, Texas.
Conveniently located at the crossroads of
US 67, US 174, and Chisolm Trail Parkway,
this facility provides service to all of the
DFW Metroplex. This location has access
to the major transportation corridors:
I-35, I-20, I-30, and  I-45. U.S. Polyco's
modifier concentrates will be available
statewide by truck, and nationwide by
rail. Located on the FWWR short line, the
Texas Terminal has access to three main
lines, BNSF, UP, and KCS providing good
access to the entire country.
With heated rail spots for 37 cars and a
load capacity of more than 80 trucks per
day, the Texas Terminal is suited to meet
the growing demands of the great state of
Texas with U.S. Polyco's leading edge technology. Having the capability to produce
several types of modified asphalt including those based on pavAeon technology,
this new terminal will operate year-round
servicing paving and roofing customers.
U.S. Polyco's vision is helping their customers, contractors, and manufacturers, to
supply performance products, and secure
their future business expectations. At the
crossroads of technology and performance,
U.S. Polyco is making its mark in Texas. ✪
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