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Good Enough is Not Safe Enough

By Robert Hall,
R.K. Hall Construction

oolbox Talks have become a valuable tool
to help us focus on particular safety issues
or to support our safety priorities within
our organizations. I see these helpful tools being
utilized on the roadway, at the plant, in the shop
and passed around the office. Obviously they are
great communication tools that can ultimately
promote our safety culture throughout our entire
operations. TXAPA's Environmental Health and
Safety (EHS) Committee regularly publishes a
"Safety Share" that can be used as a Toolbox
Talk. I encourage you to go to TXAPA's website at
www.TexasAsphalt.org to see the Safety Share's
developed by our EHS Committee.
Recently I came across a Toolbox Talk titled,
"Good Enough Mindset." For some reason that
phrase really caught my attention and it made me
reflect on how many times I have heard that phrase
used in a number of different circumstances. "Good
enough" always seems to un-nerve me until I know
we have taken the proper time and energy to
exceed expectation, no matter the task, instead
of doing just good enough. In our industry there
are two important topics that should never be
considered good enough - safety and quality.
Unfortunately people can fall into the good
enough mindset for a host of different reasons. One
of those reasons, a lack of training or understanding, has been identified as a challenge that most
everyone in the industry is addressing, including
TXAPA. This challenge can lead less experienced
workers who do not understand the importance of
protecting themselves and others into harm's way.
It can also lead to short cuts that prevent them
from completing their task in a quality manner.

Training and education are priority items
for TXAPA in both safety and quality cultures.
Our EHS Committee annually holds a Safety and
Environmental Conference to help keep our membership updated on the latest trends and regulations. The EHS Committee recently held a webinar
on Safety Awareness, Responsibility and Trends.
Concerning quality, the Training and Education
Committee has rolled out numerous seminars
including Paving and Compaction Principles,
Fundamentals of Asphalt, Asphalt Materials and
Specifications for Quality and the use of the
Texas Asphalt Pavement User Guide as platforms
to educate all industry partners about quality
asphalt pavement.
In today's busy world, our demands at home
and  at work can lead us to a fatigued mindset that lowers our aim to reach our full potential. Training, education, networking and reaching
out to others can help you avoid the "good
enough" mindset. TXAPA is extremely active in
all aspects of training and education. From owners to laborers, we have a program that will give
you value as you strive to be safer and focused
on quality.
In fact, our 2017 TXAPA Annual Meeting is filled
with events and activities that will help you and
motivate you in your quest for safety and quality.
I want to thank our sponsors, speakers and attendees for making our Annual Meeting a huge success.
Next time you hear the phrase, "good enough,"
please remind whomever you heard it from that
when it comes to quality, good enough is not
worth the effort, and when it comes to safety,
good enough is not safe enough.

In our industry there are two important topics that should
never be considered good enough - safety and quality.

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