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M E S S A G E F R O M T HE MA G A ZIN E CH AIRM AN WHAT DO WE HAVE IN COMMON? By Mark Allen, CAE Executive Director and CEO International Order of the Golden Rule "A ny association that isn't using segmented marketing is functioning in the dark ages," proclaimed one of my colleagues at TSAE's New Ideas Conference. I muttered general agreement to hide my discomfort as I thought about how much my organization struggles with sending personalized content to our members. Staff is already stretched thinly. Who's going to research and write more content? How do we identify various segments? Can our AMS handle this? Will members notice our efforts? Apparently I'm not the only with questions about personalizing communications. A few members of TSAE's Magazine Committee had taken steps in that direction, but most of us are still feeling our way through the dark. Fortunately, we found association marketing expert Melynn Sight who recommends something I didn't expect: personalize messages by determining what members have in common. In common? In the feature article, Sight writes, "Your members have a few most-important commonalities -the need or desire for information, programs, services, tools, education, answers, etc." That's good news! We don't have to create unique messages for an endless number of member segments. Instead, we need to identify the most important ones and learn as much as we can about them. Richard May, a member of the magazine committee, shared a great technique his organization uses to measure the value of its messages. He tracks the number of readers who open each article or item. Over time, he was able to identify topics of common interest to members. His team no longer shoots in the dark when sending information. Most of us have a learning curve ahead of us as we unravel the mystery of personalized communications. There's something we all have in common. ● Save the Date for the Most Unforgettable Conference Ever! for the Most Unforgettable Conference Ever! TSAE New Ideas Annual Conference September 11-15, 2016 Hyatt Riverwalk San Antonio, Texas Discover new ideas to tackle your biggest association challenges, share knowledge with your peers, and make new connections over three unforgettable days. Early Registration Opens in February! Visit to watch the video and for more information. 780765_Editorial.indd 1 11/24/15 8:287PM Read the digital version at

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Communicating on Common Ground
Focus Pocus: The Magic of Single-Mindedness
Connect Texas Recap
Safe & Sound: Meeting Security in Today’s World

Association Leadership - January/February 2016