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60-SECOnd SOluTiOnS ❯❯ QuIck INforMatIoN you caN use NOW ❯❯ MOBILE APPS: GET PUShY These days simply introducing an app isn't enough. Organizations should explore mobile push apps, advises cloud-based digital marketing provider Silverpop. They increase the likelihood that people will open - and use - your app, and that's important since nearly six out of 10 apps get used only a few times, according to the whitepaper. But where does your organization begin? To start, determine the goal of your app. Do you want your users to benefit from your content or do you want them to purchase resources? And how often do you want them to return? Integrate your mobile app with your marketing database. By doing so, it's possible to create personalized content across all your platforms (email, website, etc.). At the same time, you can use that data to personalize your users' mobile app experiences. Think about how any app notifications you receive on your smart phone, all day, every day. Users can easily suffer from app fatigue so the trick is to entice people to accept your organization's push notification. The Silverpop whitepaper lists 10 tips, but here's perhaps the most useful tip: Consider four options for sending push notifications. Date and payment reminders are useful, and people love to "check in," so consider location-based apps. "Using Web push notification-style messages to complement your mobile app notifications can help you reach a potentially wider audience: customers who are on your regular or mobile website," the whitepaper says. "Incorporating increasingly sophisticated push notifications into your messaging mix can help ensure you engage these mobile users via their smartphones, tablets and wearables with the perfect content at the right moment." Silverpop provides some suggestions for successful web push notifications: * Flash sales * Product launches * Abandoned cart reminder * Email opt-in or account creation invitation * Link to live chat or customer service support contacts * Cross-sell to relevant product pages (Source: ❯❯ GrEAT COMMUNITY IDEAS Online communities don't guarantee overnight engagement success stories for your organization or your members. But the right community tactics can vastly improve your current advocacy efforts and lead to better member collaboration. Consider some of these best practices when focusing on engagement and advocacy in your community: * Start discussion forums. Focus on specific policy questions, current issues and how the association is engaging. Providing private spaces for members to converse will help spread the word and ultimately build coalitions. 10 September/October 2015/Association LEADERSHIP

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Advancing Association Meeting Through Place-Based Education
Red Flags at the Board Table
Don’t: Tips for Reviewing Your Association’s Products and Services.
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Association Leadership - September/October 2015