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MEMBERSHiP Don't by Mary byers, cAe "I n mathematics, when you add and add and add without stopping it's called infinity. In life, when you add and add and add without stopping it's called insanity. Something's gotta go," said Mary LoVerde, in her book, Stop Screaming at the Microwave. Insanity. That's what many associations are facing. Bloated product lines, under-resourced marketing and irrelevant services are creating clutter and confusion in members' minds - not to mention work for staff that doesn't add value to membership. Something's gotta go. If your association is like most, each year a new crop of programs and services are introduced. Rarely are any dropped. Eventually you end up with a smorgasbord of benefits. Yet value isn't created by adding things. It's creating by added valuable things. When was the last time you did a top-to-bottom review of all your association programs and services? What measures do you have in place to increase the chances of success when introducing a new benefit? Does your association operate under the assumption that the more you do the more you matter? If so, it may be time for you to consider a "To Don't" list rather than a "To Do" list. If it's been awhile since you've done an intentional, comprehensive program and 24 September/October 2015/Association LEADERSHIP service review for the purpose of narrowing your product offering, here's how to do it. Permission. Seek permission from your board not to add or introduce any programs for a given period. This gives you the time and space to conduct a review without the pressure of rolling out new programs. I suggest six months to a year. More importantly, get buy-in from the board up front to discontinue some programs and services as a result of your evaluation. Plan. Decide how you'll go about the review. Department by department? All programs and services at once? Some associations I've worked with have put everything on the table simultaneously while others

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Association Leadership - September/October 2015