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M E S S A G E F R O M T HE M A G A zin E CH A i RM A n No Hackers oN My WatcH! I By Mark allen, cae executive Director and ceo International order of the Golden rule f you're like me, you've had at least one credit card cancelled because a nefarious hacker broke into your account. We're reminded almost daily that hackers are lurking about in search of data they can use for their own good. While it's satisfying to visualize hackers dropping the anvil they intended for us on their own heads, like Wile E. Coyote in all of those Road Runner cartoons, the reality is we can't depend on serendipity to give us cyber security. Not only are we responsible for securing our organizational data, we also have a legal and ethical duty to protect our members' and other stakeholders' data. Here's where it gets tricky. To maintain a basic level of security, we need unique passwords that change often, SSL Certificates, encryption programs, proxy servers and other methods that people smarter than me understand. Many of us get derailed by the easiest item on that list: using the same password over and over. The good news is that the community of "good guys" who can help us fight the "bad guys" is ready and waiting. According to Nick Weynand and Stephen Tidmore, authors of this month's feature article, Is Your Website Safe?, implementing well-chosen procedures and tools will help us put up virtual yard signs saying "No Hackers Allowed Here!" Yes, we have to pay attention. Yes, we must be proactive. But we do not need to become security experts to do our due diligence in protecting important data. A little smart prevention will ensure that the infamous anvil won't land on your head. ● CEO STRATEGIES TACKLE THE TURBO BULLY ON YOUR BOARD Thursday, December 10, 2015 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. (Breakfast 8-9 a.m.), Hilton Fort Worth What do you do when a board member moves beyond dissent and into being a turbo bully? Handling this situation requires a strategy, legal counsel, and a process framework in place to protect the association and yourself. Drawn from actual association cases, you'll learn what to do, what not to do, how to minimize risk, and how to survive with your sanity and association intact. To register, or for more information, visit SPEAKERS Jamie Notter Partner, Culture That Works LLC 760580_Editorial.indd 1 Sandra Giarde, CAE Executive Director, California Landscape Contractors Association Mark Alcorn, JD, MBA Attorney at Law, Alcorn Law Corporation Read the digital version at 8/8/15 2:587AM

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Don’t: Tips for Reviewing Your Association’s Products and Services.
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Association Leadership - September/October 2015