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Packaging Innovation Out of the box A review of some of the latest packaging innovations on the market by Naomi Marcoulet Naya is an eco-friendly product for skincare showcasing the green approach of five players. SGD made the jar from 100% recycled household and recyclable glass. Called Infinite Glass, production is said to cut down on energy use, raw material extraction and CO2 emissions. SGD used lowenergy consumption inks for decoration. The cap is manufactured by French company VPI with a new Ecocert-certified material R’PET, made from recycled PET. The innovation aims to offer cap components that are aesthetic, economical to produce and ecological. For the carton, French company Wauters chose Bagasse paper made from sugarcane residues and 10% linen and hemp. The company also used organic, plantbased inks for the print. France-based Strand Cosmetics Europe made the organic-certified formula and agency Extrême Paris is behind the graphics. weight Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) milk bottles and skincare jars from 100% Post Industrial Recycled (PIR) material. The containers are also locally manufactured and filled to further reduce the carbon impact. “Recycled packaging can look beautiful, with no compromise on design,” says M&H Plastics marketing manager Vicki John. The packaging was selected from M&H’s standard range, which helped keep the price at a costeffective level, John adds. UK-based maker of specialized materials API Laminates has developed threedimensional decorative effects for consumer packaging, with techniques used for making lens film. The application of the lens technique produces a deep optical 3-D effect that can be used in association with the print design. The technique is not widely used for packaging design applications, but it is growing quickly, says API sales and marketing manager Simon Holden. API has exclusive access to this lens film. For eco-beauty brand Evolve Beauty, UK-based packager M&H Plastics manufactured the plastic packaging from recycled bottles and jars. The company produced the containers from light- Finnish paper company M-real Consumer Packaging has launched a new lightweight carton board product under its sustainable Carta Board range. The Carta Elega is a two-sided coated fit-for-purpose board for the luxury beauty packaging sector and joins the Carta Integra and Carta Solida products. The lightweight factor is due to the use of BCTMP pulp (bleached chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp), which the company develops. As part of its sustainability practice, M-real’s aim is to manufacture lightweight cartons that have good printability and stiffness. Meadwestvaco’s (MWV) latest version of its Melodie Clikit IP pump enables clients to personalize their fragrance pumps. The pumps come in a range of colors and can be customized to incorporate a specific design or pattern and 56 April 2010 - N°1 - BW Confidential

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Update - Brand and retail recap
Take note - Market facts, figures and trends
Launches - The latest fragrance, skincare and make-up launches
Best of BW - Market highlights
Interview - Sephora international & development md Olivier Schaeffer
Insight: make-up - Category overview
 - Industry viewpoint
 - Trends
Wellness report - Overview
 - Industry roundtable
 - Spa case studies
Travel retail - Europe: little chance of a rebound
Market watch: Western Europe - Regional analysis
 - Germany
 - France
 - UK
 - Spain
 - Italy
Radar - Six up-and-coming beauty brands
Packaging special -  Industry analysis
 - Innovation
Last word - UBS analyst Nik Modi's outlook for 2010

BW Confidential - Issue #1 - April 2010