BW Confidential - Issue #2 - May/June 2010 - (Page 3)

Comment 4 avenue de la Marne 92600 Asnières sur Seine France Tel: +33 (0)1 74 63 49 60 Fax: +33 (0)1 53 01 09 79 Subscribe on page 53 Markets of the future he figures say it all. More than 50% of growth in the global beauty market is set to come from skincare and around 30% of growth between now and 2013 will come from China. These figures have meant that a lot of the major groups have scrambled to refocus their portfolios and investments in both areas. But are they doing enough? There are still a lot of top players that are largely fragrance-focused and even more that do a relatively small percentage of sales in China. But perhaps the area where more needs to be done in China is in retail. When will the major specialty beauty retail chains begin to make a big move in the country? Sephora is there, but what about other perfumery chains or the likes of The Body Shop? Of course it’s not easy doing business in China, especially as a retailer. Apart from the challenge of establishing a new shopping format, there is a whole web of difficulties, including the country’s difficult legal system and corruption issues. The enterprise can be fraught with risk and danger. But given consumers’ increasing disposable income and the projected growth in the country, perhaps the only thing more dangerous than doing business in China may be not doing business there at all. Publisher Nicolas Grob Editorial Director Oonagh Phillips Deputy Editor Alissa Demorest Travel Retail Editor Kevin Rozario Contributors Tina Clark, Louise Dury, Claire Duffy, Claire Thévenin, Raphaëlle Choël Art Direction APSC Design Marketing Director Nicolas Leclerc Subscriptions 1 year: €399/US$559 Price per issue: €125/US$175 BW Confidential is published by Noon Media 513 746 297 RCS Paris Printed in France by Imprimerie de Champagne Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is strictly prohibited. Cover image credit: istock T Oonagh Phillips Editor in Chief BW Confidential est édité par Noon Media SARL 4 avenue de la Marne 92600 Asnières sur Seine Directeur de la publication : Oonagh Phillips Imprimeur : Imprimerie de Champagne ZI Les Franchises 52200 Langres ISSN 2104-3302 Abonnement annuel (4 n°) : 399 € / 559 US$ Prix de vente au numéro : 125 € / 175 US$ Dépôt légal à parution BW Confidential magazine n°2 mai-juin 2010 n° CPPAP en cours May-June 2010 - N°2 - BW Confidential 3,2.html

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of BW Confidential - Issue #2 - May/June 2010

- Brand and retail news recap
Take note
- Market facts, figures and trends
The latest fragrance, skincare and make-up launches
Best of BW
- Market highlights
- Clarins Fragrance Group president Joël Palix
Insight : skincare
- Category overview
- Industry viewpoint
- Trends
- Training in spas
- Spa case studies
Market watch : Asia
- Regional analysis
- Japan
- China
- South Korea
Focus : Fragrance creation
- Fragrance regulations
- Perfumer roundtable
- Six up-and-coming beauty brands
Travel retail
- Asia regional roundup
- Interview with Korea duty-free
Last word
- Morning Star equity analyst Erin Swanson on beauty’s threats and opportunities

BW Confidential - Issue #2 - May/June 2010