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w w w. n e w p o r t . c o m November 2009 Page 13 S-2000-TC Stabilizer Isolators This innovation is an ideal solution for isolating optical tables, large inspection equipment and heavy machinery. Newport’s S-2000-TC is an addition to the S-2000 Stabilizer™ Series of pneumatic vibration isolators which feature compatibility with tie-bars and casters. The S-2000-TC, with a 2000 lb. load capacity per isolator, is an ideal solution for isolating optical tables, large inspection equipment, heavy machinery, and can also support large-area sub-floors. The new tie-bar caster system permits the individual legs to be bolted together to improve mobility and system rigidity. The S-2000-TC is available in several popular heights ranging from 16 inches to 28 inches, all equipped with precision pneumatic re-leveling valves and float-height indicators. The new S-2000-TC Stabilizer Isolators also feature SafeLock ™ mounting clips which secure the isolators to the bottom of Newport optical tables, improving the performance, stability, and safety of the system. The S-2000-TC Stabilizer provides a 1 Hz vertical resonant frequency and a vertical isolation efficiency of 98 percent at 10 Hz. Horizontal isolation begins at 2.5 Hz and reaches 95 percent efficiency at 10 Hz NEW WEB See our website for more info. Please click here. LABasix™ SA2 Series Low-Cost Aluminum Breadboards Key Features V I B R A T I O N C O N T R O L An ultra low cost, yet highly durable breadboard. SA2 Series Solid Aluminum Plates answer the demand for an ultra low cost, yet highly durable, breadboard that can be used in a complete range of non-critical applications Available in a wide range of sizes and mounting hole configurations, SA Series Solid Aluminum Plates adapt easily to existing workstation environments NEW The highly durable, Newport LABasix™ SA2 Series incorporates several unique design features that improve the flexibility and ease-of-use compared to traditional aluminum breadboards. The standard grid of tapped holes extends to within 0.5 inches of the plate edges, providing more mounting surface than competitive products. Newport’s new SA2 also features “ingrid” counter-bored holes and deep edge chamfers for easier lifting, aligning, and integration of the SA2 onto standard optical tables. The SA2 Series is offered in the most popular standard sizes with custom sizes and shapes also available. The imperial standard models feature ¼- 20 tapped holes on a 1-inch grid; metric models feature M6 tapped holes on a 25 mm grid. Both imperial and metric versions are anodized deep black to minimize surface reflections, with other surface finishes available upon request. WEB See our website for more info. Please click here. Family of Brands — Corion® • New Focus™ • Oriel® Instruments • Richardson Gratings™ • Spectra-Physics®

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- Newport Corporation Starts Direct Selling of New Focus Products in Europe
- Mai Tai® SP Short Pulse One Box Amplifier Seeder
- Spitfire® Pro XP 7 W Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Amplifier
- TLB-7000 StableWave™ Tunable Lasers
- TA-7600 Series Tapered Amplifiers
- SCG-800-CARS Supercontinuum Generation Fiber Device
- Newport 3700 High-Power Temperature Controller
- Newport High-Power Laser Diode Control Kits
- Do You Need to Modulate Your Beam?
- High-Damage-Threshold Phase Modulators (KTP)
- New Focus Amplitude Modulators
- New Focus 981x Stability™ Top and Center Mounts
- New Focus Flipper™ 1” and 2” Optical Mounts
- Open Cage System
- Newport Broadband Metallic Mirrors
- Ultra-Broadband Dielectric Mirrors
- Ultrafast Laser Super-Broadband Turning Mirrors
- New Focus UV Excimer Mirrors
- New Focus Nd:YAG Mirrors
- S-2000-TC Stabilizer™ Isolators
- LABasix™ SA2 Series Aluminum Breadboards
- Picomotor™ Actuators
- iPico™ New Focus Intelligent Picomotor Modules
- New Focus Kinematic Stages
- Motorized Kinematic Stages
- New Focus GuideStar™ Beam Stabilization
- UMR-TRA XY Compact Motorized XY Stage
- URB100CC High-Speed Precision Rotation Stage
- HXP100-MECA Newport Hexapod
- Motion Control Capability Brochure
- 818P-500-55 500 W Fan-Cooled Thermopile Detector
- 818P-3KW-060 Water-Cooled Thermopile Detector
- 818P-001-12NIR Thermopile Sensor, 1 μW–1 Watt
- LBP-HR High Resolution CCD Laser Beam Profiler
- 80 MHz Balanced Photoreceivers
- Nirvana™ 125 kHz Auto-Balanced Photoreceivers
- LED Scribing The Illumination Revolution
- Oriel® IQE-200™ Quantum Efficiency Measurement System
- PVIV-TC-VAC Temperature Controlled Vacuum Chuck KitMémentos - LMD
- Workstation for Laser Direct-Write Processing
- Photoresponse Mapping of Photovoltaic Cells
- Raman Microspectrometer
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Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #31 - November 2009