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Page 2 November 2009 w w w. n e w p o r t . c o m Newport Corporation Starts Direct Selling of New Focus Products in Europe There’s a at Newport New Focus is now part of the Newport family of world class photonics brands Starting on November 1, 2009, customers located in France, Germany, Benelux, Austria, and Switzerland can purchase their New Focus products directly from Newport. Customers in the UK and Ireland can order directly since September 1, 2009 Did you know that Newport Corporation purchased Oclaro’s New Focus™ business? The transaction was completed effective July 4, 2009, and is exciting and positive for both Newport and New Focus, as well as for New Focus’ customers. Newport and Oclaro believe that Newport adds great value to New Focus’ business, thereby allowing it to better serve its customers. Newport is a global leader in photonics solutions, with over 40 years of experience in advancedtechnology products and systems as well as a broad product portfolio. Each of New Focus’ product lines will complement an established Newport capability to Make, Manage and Measure LightSM. Make Narrow-linewidth, mode-hop-free tunable and single-wavelength lasers; Manage High-performance electro-optic modulators, a broad array of precision opto-mechanics and the unique Picomotor™ micro-actuator; and Measure General-purpose and high-speed low-noise detectors. In addition, New Focus technical capabilities to provide customized optical assemblies and subsystems to original equipment manufacturers enables Newport to further expand its integrated OEM solutions business in its targeted strategic markets. We would like to welcome all New Focus customers and let you know we are here to help you and prove our commitment to you. Starting on November 1, 2009, all our customers in the following countries: France, Germany, Benelux, Austria, and Switzerland can call us directly to receive a quote, to send a purchase order, or to answer any questions. Customers in the UK and Ireland can already order directly since September 1, 2009. For more information, contact your local Newport sales office or representative. Call on Newport to answer your photonics needs – There’s a New Focus at Newport. Family of Brands — Corion® • New Focus™ • Oriel® Instruments • Richardson Gratings™ • Spectra-Physics®

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- Newport Corporation Starts Direct Selling of New Focus Products in Europe
- Mai Tai® SP Short Pulse One Box Amplifier Seeder
- Spitfire® Pro XP 7 W Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Amplifier
- TLB-7000 StableWave™ Tunable Lasers
- TA-7600 Series Tapered Amplifiers
- SCG-800-CARS Supercontinuum Generation Fiber Device
- Newport 3700 High-Power Temperature Controller
- Newport High-Power Laser Diode Control Kits
- Do You Need to Modulate Your Beam?
- High-Damage-Threshold Phase Modulators (KTP)
- New Focus Amplitude Modulators
- New Focus 981x Stability™ Top and Center Mounts
- New Focus Flipper™ 1” and 2” Optical Mounts
- Open Cage System
- Newport Broadband Metallic Mirrors
- Ultra-Broadband Dielectric Mirrors
- Ultrafast Laser Super-Broadband Turning Mirrors
- New Focus UV Excimer Mirrors
- New Focus Nd:YAG Mirrors
- S-2000-TC Stabilizer™ Isolators
- LABasix™ SA2 Series Aluminum Breadboards
- Picomotor™ Actuators
- iPico™ New Focus Intelligent Picomotor Modules
- New Focus Kinematic Stages
- Motorized Kinematic Stages
- New Focus GuideStar™ Beam Stabilization
- UMR-TRA XY Compact Motorized XY Stage
- URB100CC High-Speed Precision Rotation Stage
- HXP100-MECA Newport Hexapod
- Motion Control Capability Brochure
- 818P-500-55 500 W Fan-Cooled Thermopile Detector
- 818P-3KW-060 Water-Cooled Thermopile Detector
- 818P-001-12NIR Thermopile Sensor, 1 μW–1 Watt
- LBP-HR High Resolution CCD Laser Beam Profiler
- 80 MHz Balanced Photoreceivers
- Nirvana™ 125 kHz Auto-Balanced Photoreceivers
- LED Scribing The Illumination Revolution
- Oriel® IQE-200™ Quantum Efficiency Measurement System
- PVIV-TC-VAC Temperature Controlled Vacuum Chuck KitMémentos - LMD
- Workstation for Laser Direct-Write Processing
- Photoresponse Mapping of Photovoltaic Cells
- Raman Microspectrometer
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Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #31 - November 2009