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In tro d u c t io n to Rennes B THE UnIVERSITé EURoPéEnnE DE BRETaGnE The UEB brings together Brittany’s universities, grandes écoles, teaching hospitals, and research organisations. This research and higher education pole (pôle de recherche et d’enseignement supérieur - PRES) promotes scientific cooperation activities on behalf of its member establishments. With 72,000 students and over 6,000 teaching and non-teaching staff, the UEB is a scientific centre of excellence that is European in scale. The Rennes International Mobility Centre In Rennes, the mobility centre's task is to support the international mobility of students, PhD students and researchers in Rennes’ universities and grandes écoles. ITS aIMS : o To promote the welcome of mobility programme participants to the Rennes area : - international students - international PhD students and researchers o To contribute to the development of Rennes student mobility : - awareness campaigns and information on the subject of international mobility - linguistic and cultural preparation for mobility ITS MaIn FUnCTIonS: o Services include a reception service for exchange students 4 ocial evening events, assistance with residence permit S applications; cultural events and excursions in Brittany, and a partnership with the CRIJ (Regional Youth Information Service) as part of the TAMTAM Welcome Festival. o an individual welcome for international PhD students and researchers 4 elp in finding their feet and help with settling in, help H with legal and administrative formalities, linguistic and cultural assistance, etc. during their stay. o Preparing Rennes students for mobility programmes 4 lso included are cultural integration sessions, A international week, organisation of IELTS English language tests with the British Council, and more... The welcoming of international PhD students and researchers by the Brittany EURaXESS Service Centre UEB is an official European Commission EURAXESS Service Centre. The network includes over 200 centres across 38 European countries, destined to assist researchers and their families when moving to another country. In Rennes, these services are also provided by the Rennes International Mobility Centre. The centre offers (free) services tailored to your particular needs, and offers assistance to foreign researchers and their families when arriving and settling in Rennes. Specific welcoming activities have also been developed for international PhD students who have come to Rennes. This new initiative forms part of the rationale behind the creation of the UEB’s International Doctoral College and the activities organised by it ; activities which aim to develop the attractiveness of Brittany’s doctoral schools and the international mobility of young researchers. 1. Help in preparing the stay o Before their arrival in France, international PhD students and researchers are invited to contact the Brittany EURAXESS Service Centre to receive information about their future host city. 2. a special welcome o If they request it, PhD students and researchers can enjoy personalised attention and be assisted in finding their feet and settling down. o Receipt of a ‘welcome parcel’, containing a variety of information on aspects of life in Rennes. o An information service + help with administrative procedures such as applying for a residency permit (carte de séjour) (a service only available for PhD students), opening a bank account, dealing with insurance, legal help, help in finding accommodation (a service only available for researchers), and organising education for children. 3. The discovery of a new cultural environment o Language and cultural activities are organised for researchers and their spouses so that not only can they learn French or improve their level, but they can also meet other people on mobility programmes. o A cultural programme offering a choice of live entertainment as well as outings to places of general and industrial interest within the region is also arranged for them. For further information about the Brittany EURAXESS Service Centre : Université européenne de Bretagne Centre de mobilité internationale de Rennes 5 bd Laënnec 35000 Rennes Tel. 02 23 23 79 50 13

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The International RESEARCHER and PhD STUDENT’s Guide to RENNES

Introduction to Rennes
A - The city of Rennes
B - The Université Européenne de Bretagne
Entry and residency formalities
A - Obtaining a visa
B - Obtaining a carte de séjour (residency permit)
Health insurance and health care
A - Social security and health insurance
B - Access to health care
A - Finding somewhere to live
B - Practical information
C - Before arrival
D - Deposit and co-signing
Banks and money
A - Opening an account
B - The cost of living in Rennes
C - Income tax
D - Retirement pensions
Coming with your family
A - Administrative procedures
B - Educational system
C - Schools
D - Childcare facilities for young children
E - Organising work for your spouse
F - Family allowances/benefits
G - Unemployment and the Rights of Foreigners
Daily life
A - Eating
B - Getting around
C - Learning French
D - Communicating
Free time : culture, leisure and sporting activities
A - Where to get information
B - Cultural events and festivals in Rennes
C - Leisure activities
D - Sporting activities
Useful contacts

The International RESEARCHER and PhD STUDENT’s Guide to RENNES