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D a ily life B GETTInG aRoUnD By bus and metro The STaR network The STAR public transport network is made up of the metro line and 57 bus routes, and serves all the Rennes Métropole area. The bus routes within the city itself are organised around the metro, which crosses Rennes from north-west to south-east via the city centre. The out-of-town bus routes serve the whole of Rennes Métropole. Timetables © C. ablain / Rennes Métropole The metro and the six main bus routes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 9) run from about 5.20am to 12.30am (Monday to Saturday), and from 8.30am to 12.30am on Sundays and public holidays. All the other routes run from about 6.30 am to 9pm The ‘STAR de nuit’ night-time bus service runs until 4.45 a.m from Wednesday evening to Sunday morning. On Friday and Saturday nights, buses leave the centre of Rennes at 11pm and 12.30am to go to Rennes Métropole’s towns and villages. Fares Each STAR ticket costs €1.40 for one hour’s transport, and is valid throughout the whole STAR network. A book of 10 tickets costs €12.20, and a whole-day ticket €3.70. Every metro station has one or more automatic ticket machines. If you regularly use the bus and metro to get around, it is cheaper to buy one of the various types of season ticket (Korrigo - annual, monthly, or weekly) from one of the STAR offices. By train Rennes enjoys a TGV (high speed train) service. Today 21 TGV departures a day put the city only 2 hours away from Paris. Information – reservation – purchase of tickets o by Internet: o by telephone: 36 35 © C. ablain / Rennes Métropole Useful addresses : STaR Main office : 12 rue du Pré Botté (Bus : all central lines. Stop : République / Metro : République) Open Monday to Friday 7 a.m to 7.30 p.m, and Saturdays 9 a.m to 6.30 p.m o at the railway station (Gare SNCF - 19 place de la Gare - 35000 Rennes) ticket office and automatic ticket machines o in SNCF ‘shops’ in Rue Le Bastard in the city centre, and in the Colombia, Grand Quartier, and Alma shopping centres o by using automatic ticket machines in the Alma, Les Longs Champs, Carrefour (Cesson-Sévigné), and Opéra (Pacé) shopping centres. To get to the railway station: Other branches: Villejean université and Henri Fréville o metro: Gares. For further information on timetables, routes, fares, etc. : +33 (0)9 70 82 18 00 and o bus nos 1, 2, 11. Stop: Gares. 49

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The International RESEARCHER and PhD STUDENT’s Guide to RENNES

Introduction to Rennes
A - The city of Rennes
B - The Université Européenne de Bretagne
Entry and residency formalities
A - Obtaining a visa
B - Obtaining a carte de séjour (residency permit)
Health insurance and health care
A - Social security and health insurance
B - Access to health care
A - Finding somewhere to live
B - Practical information
C - Before arrival
D - Deposit and co-signing
Banks and money
A - Opening an account
B - The cost of living in Rennes
C - Income tax
D - Retirement pensions
Coming with your family
A - Administrative procedures
B - Educational system
C - Schools
D - Childcare facilities for young children
E - Organising work for your spouse
F - Family allowances/benefits
G - Unemployment and the Rights of Foreigners
Daily life
A - Eating
B - Getting around
C - Learning French
D - Communicating
Free time : culture, leisure and sporting activities
A - Where to get information
B - Cultural events and festivals in Rennes
C - Leisure activities
D - Sporting activities
Useful contacts

The International RESEARCHER and PhD STUDENT’s Guide to RENNES