The International RESEARCHER and PhD STUDENT’s Guide to RENNES - (Page 55)

D a ily life D CoMMUnICaTInG Making a phone call in France Public telephones Telephone cards for use in public telephone boxes are sold in post offices and tobacconists. In France, telephone numbers have 10 figures, with the first 2 figures corresponding to the geographical zone phoned. To phone abroad: [00] [international dialling code] [telephone number] To phone France from abroad: [00] [33] [French telephone number without the first ‘0’] Directory enquiries : dial the numbers proposed by the different telephone directory enquiry services, e.g. 118 712 (for France Télécom), and 118 812 (for Bouygues). • Wifi access is available in most of the educational establishments, as well as in many public places. a complete offer: internet, mobile, landline Many offers are available, and there are a variety of operators on the market (Free, Orange, SFR, Bouygues Télécom, etc.) Most operators suggest that you sign up to a complete package: mobile + landline with free calls to landlines in France and abroad + unlimited broadband and TV. To subscribe, your accommodation must have an existing phone line, or you can choose your provider. For more information: You will need the following supporting documents: - proof of address - the name and telephone number of the previous tenant and/or the number of the France Télécom logo on the landing - bank details (a RIB) - a crossed check or a copie of your credit card - piece of ID Mobile phones A package with or without contract, pay as you go: there are various different options available. When subscribing, be sure to check the duration of the contract,which often lasts for 2 years. It is still possible to terminate the contract before the end of this time period, but this will entail a fee. Useful addresses: PHONE HOUSE CC Alma Tel. +33 (0)8 10 80 08 80 SFR 3 Rue le Bastard Tel. +33 (0)2 99 78 86 10 ORANGE 40 place du Colombier Tel. 10 14 BOUYGUES TELECOM 6 rue Puits Mauger Tel. +33 (0)2 99 65 65 30 55

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The International RESEARCHER and PhD STUDENT’s Guide to RENNES

Introduction to Rennes
A - The city of Rennes
B - The Université Européenne de Bretagne
Entry and residency formalities
A - Obtaining a visa
B - Obtaining a carte de séjour (residency permit)
Health insurance and health care
A - Social security and health insurance
B - Access to health care
A - Finding somewhere to live
B - Practical information
C - Before arrival
D - Deposit and co-signing
Banks and money
A - Opening an account
B - The cost of living in Rennes
C - Income tax
D - Retirement pensions
Coming with your family
A - Administrative procedures
B - Educational system
C - Schools
D - Childcare facilities for young children
E - Organising work for your spouse
F - Family allowances/benefits
G - Unemployment and the Rights of Foreigners
Daily life
A - Eating
B - Getting around
C - Learning French
D - Communicating
Free time : culture, leisure and sporting activities
A - Where to get information
B - Cultural events and festivals in Rennes
C - Leisure activities
D - Sporting activities
Useful contacts

The International RESEARCHER and PhD STUDENT’s Guide to RENNES