The International RESEARCHER and PhD STUDENT’s Guide to RENNES - (Page 59)

Fre e t ime culture, leisure and sporting activities B MaJoR CUlTURal EVEnTS anD FESTIValS Rennes offers a wealth of cultural activities. Here are just a few of the many events that take place throughout the year. September • Heritage days: one-off free entry to historic monuments • Bol d’Eire: Celtic culture festival • le Space: agriculture show october • TAM TAM: Rennes Métropole welcome festival, with a special welcome reserved for foreign students. An event for young people aged 15-30 • Marmaille: kid’s festival (dance, puppets, mimes) • Tout Rennes court: a day dedicated to jogging • Fête de la science: a national science festival november • Jazz à l’ouest: jazz festival (with performers from across Europe and the USA) • Mettre en scène: dance and theatre festival • yaouank: Breton culture festival December/January les “Trans Musicales” © D. levasseur February • Travelling: film festival and children's version Travelling Junior • Plumes rebelles: book fair March/april • Rennes international: expo • Quartiers en scène: theatre festival • les Trans Musicales: A famous music festival • Les rockeurs ont du cœur: a concert based on the principle of «one toy donated = one ticket» learn more: la nuit des 4 jeudis Social events (concerts, shows, workshops, and sport) held in different locations around the city. For further information : The monthly «Agenda des Sorties» contains over 100 ideas for cultural events and outings. • Mythos: storytelling festival May/June • Rennes in bar: concert agenda • Rock and Solex: music festival and Solex racing, organised by INSA students • La nuit des musées: night time visits to museums (activities…) • Rennes sur roulettes: a day dedicated to rollerskating around Rennes • Fête du cinéma: 3 days of reduced price film. July/august • Les tombées de la nuit: sound and theatre festival • Quartiers d’été: Rennes Métropole festival for young people (concerts, films, games, activities) • Transat en ville: relaxing and concerts. la Fête de la musique © C. ablain / Rennes Métropole 59

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The International RESEARCHER and PhD STUDENT’s Guide to RENNES

Introduction to Rennes
A - The city of Rennes
B - The Université Européenne de Bretagne
Entry and residency formalities
A - Obtaining a visa
B - Obtaining a carte de séjour (residency permit)
Health insurance and health care
A - Social security and health insurance
B - Access to health care
A - Finding somewhere to live
B - Practical information
C - Before arrival
D - Deposit and co-signing
Banks and money
A - Opening an account
B - The cost of living in Rennes
C - Income tax
D - Retirement pensions
Coming with your family
A - Administrative procedures
B - Educational system
C - Schools
D - Childcare facilities for young children
E - Organising work for your spouse
F - Family allowances/benefits
G - Unemployment and the Rights of Foreigners
Daily life
A - Eating
B - Getting around
C - Learning French
D - Communicating
Free time : culture, leisure and sporting activities
A - Where to get information
B - Cultural events and festivals in Rennes
C - Leisure activities
D - Sporting activities
Useful contacts

The International RESEARCHER and PhD STUDENT’s Guide to RENNES