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Taking Liquidity Risk Management to the Next Level FORUM B est practice organizations proactively manage their levels of cash with a rigorous approach to tracking and managing liquidity risk. Corporations in the Benelux region have been establishing the structures necessary to improve visibility and make informed decisions. Today´s challenge is to take their practice of liquidity risk management to the next level. In the last quarter of 2011, Reval conducted market research in cooperation with an independent, local market analyst in the Benelux region. In-depth interviews were conducted with treasurers and CFOs representing companies with a turnover of more than 1 billion EUR, to evaluate regional trends in cash, liquidity and risk management, as well as review how technology could help automate financial workflows and gain deeper visibility. to high levels of liquidity risk. It was found that in more than 60% of corporations within the Benelux region, treasury is a global function. Organized as group-wide service centre, it centralizes control of bank account administration as a first step to minimize the potential for liquidity risk. INNOVATION LEADERS IN GLOBAL CASH AUTOMATION Corporations typically have numerous banking partners and hundreds of bank accounts across the world. Best practice organizations are leveraging technology to help automate and schedule the retrieval of these bank statements across all banking relationships. Nearly 70% of treasurers and CFOs in the Benelux region are already using integrated solutions to automate and implement control across the enterprise-wide treasury and risk workflow. Additionally, realtime reporting was among the top three pieces of functionality treasu- rers expect from their software tools. Furthermore, the region discovered the potential for new technology at an early stage, as more than 50% of treasuries implemented their systems more than 5 years ago. MAKING INFORMED DECISIONS FROM FLEXIBLE CASH WORKSHEETS Once the bank data is retrieved, it is critical that treasury departments consolidate this data into a flexible worksheet. These worksheets need to be dynamic and allow treasury professionals to slice and filter various views of their cash on hand. Views of cash by currency, organizational hierarchy unit and inflow/outflow category can be flexed, viewed CENTRALLY MANAGING GLOBAL BANK ACCOUNTS Global growth spurts often result in rapidly changing bank account activity. Without proper maintenance and management of bank accounts, treasury departments expose themselves 26

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EDITORIAL - 10ème anniversaire de l'EACT
INTERVIEW - Oleg Williamson, Treasury Manager EMEA of Parker Hannifin

Trésorier magazine - n°77 - 1er trimestre 2012