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ONLIN E 15 MINUTES WITH... JöRg wIEMER www VERSION Jörg Wiemer Treasury Intelligence Solutions - TIS cofounder of TIS LE MAGAZINE DU TRESORIER / TREASURER MAGAZINE — N°81 — APR / MAY / JUNE 2013 - In which area are you most active ? TIS makes payment transactions for companies more efficient, more secure and cheaper. All mission-critical processes related to payment transactions – including liquidity levels, payment status, bank account authorizations and bank fee controlling – are integrated into a single, multibank capable, audit-proof cloud platform. 70 TIS is the leading cloud platform for managing corporate payments, liquidity and bank relations. It has its headquarters in Walldorf, Germany, Jörg Wiemer, CEO and co-founder of TIS has accepted to present briefly the company and its activities. - Are your solutions quick and easy to implement? Yes. Our solutions are cloud based, they can be quickly put in place without the complexity, costs and risks of a long IT project. A web-browser is all you need. The solutions are SAP certified, TIS has an ISO security certificate. Which are the principle reasons for a treasurer to join your company and to deal with you? We take care of managing various payment formats, communication channels with banks, and ERP integration. We help treasurers to make payment transactions more efficient, more secure and cheaper. TIS delivers sustainable savings in liquidity management, better business results through cash-flow analysis, better working capital management and SEPA-readiness out of the box through a single, multibank capable, audit-proof cloud platform. What makes TIS unique? We have a clear strategic focus and core competence in payments, bank account management and bank fee controlling. TIS is the only company to offer a cloud -based payment solution which can be integrated into an SAP ERP system. The solution is ISO- and SAP-certified. Our management team has a wealth of international experience, with a first class track record not only in treasury but also in developing, selling and operating highly innovative software. Could you briefly describe your solutions: The Bank Transaction Manager (BTM) is a multi-bank capable, and SAP-integratable analysis and payment transaction platform, making payment processes and their analysis more effective and safe. The Bank Account Manager (BAM) is a solution for an efficient and audit-proof inventory of bank account data, authorized managers and bank documents. The Bank Fee Manager (BFM) is a solution to manage and control bank charges. The higher transparency allows for improved management of banking relationships. Companies can receive electronic invoices of bank charges and check them fully automatically. TIS offers a plug-in to smoothly integrate it into the company’s SAP ERP system. It is proven by practice, certified and quick and easy to install. -Joerg Wiemer is CEO of Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH. He is based in Walldorf, Germany. Jörg Wiemer, business graduate (Dipl.-Kaufmann), CEFA and MBA is co-founder and CEO of Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH (TIS). He has 18 years of experience in treasury, finance, investor relations, people- and project management. He was Senior Vice President and Head of Global Treasury at SAP responsible together with his team for all international payment-, financing- and financial management activities.

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15 MINUTES WITH - Jörg Wiemer -Treasury Intelligence Solutions - TIS
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Trésorier/Treasurer magazine - n°81 - 2ème trimestre 2013