Trésorier/Treasurer magazine - n°81 - 2ème trimestre 2013 - (Page 73)

NEWS FM — APR / MAY / JUNE N°81 — LE MAGAZINE DU TRESORIER / TREASURER MAGAZINE ATEL has launched a group on LinkedIn. It is also very active on TWITTER via its Chairman (@FrancoisMasquel) and via its Chairman’s blog on WORLDPRESS. Please join our international community and participate to our forums and chats. Discover valuable information, be informed of new financial issues and follow thought leaders. The world of finance and treasury is significantly evolving. It is becoming more and more sophisticated and complex. We all need to be informed on real time. The new platforms exist and give all of us a fantastic opportunity to take social communication a step further. Networking is a key asset these days. In economic downturn situations, you have better to have good contacts, supports and colleagues you can count on. Access to information is vital but access to information on real time and ahead of problems is even more important. Stay informed. Be part of the game and express your views. Tell us your concerns and issues. Contact our association via or via social networks. 2013 TREASURy SOCIAL NETWORkING … JOIN ATEL 73

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INTERVIEW - Patrick Siméon and Ibra Wane, Amundi
15 MINUTES WITH - Jörg Wiemer -Treasury Intelligence Solutions - TIS
The Financial Risk Observatory

Trésorier/Treasurer magazine - n°81 - 2ème trimestre 2013