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15 MINUTES WITH... CRX Markets - Could you briefly describe CRX Markets? In contrast to traditional single-bank financing or common factoring options, we are offering a triple-win situation to all parties involved. The Supplier is awarded with an earlier cash inflow at a competitive discount, the Buyer stabilizes his supply chain and may expand days-payables-outstanding while the investor gets access to a new security with attractive short-term yields. Fees and interest rates for credit lines are about to rise again when banks further reduce their credit portfolios to meet Basel III requirements. Following the trend to get less dependent on Banks, US corporates already refinance by more than 75% via the capital markets, corporates are actively searching competitively priced short-term financing alternatives. Through its auction platform CRX Markets access to the capital markets and a broad investor base for the trading of payables and receivables. By providing a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution we enable corporates to achieve effective sales, which is less expensive than the offerings of factoring companies and banks. By sidestepping the current structures our team provides a fully flexible funding solution that matches individual requirements instead of subjecting corporates and suppliers to static credit lines. At the same time, our pool of institutional investor is rewarded with attractive returns on short term corporate risk. The general process can be viewed above. - What are the main advantages of the CRX platform? LE MAGAZINE DU TRESORIER / TREASURER MAGAZINE - N°84 - JAN / FEV / MAR 2014 CRX Markets is a bank independent, multi-channel trading platform with its main focus on the optimization of the cash-to-cash cycle by auctioning securitized trade receivables and payables to the capital markets. Through its new highly automated and integrated technology platform and a broad pool of institutional investors, we makes short-term funding of companies less costly, more competitive, transparent and liquid than other available alternatives. 60 Due to the trading and securitization of short-term liabilities and based on a flexible auctioning structure, the platform creates an opportunity where each party involved benefits in different ways. These benefits can be summarized as follows. The corporate buyer of goods and services, next to the primary goal of ensuring a stable supply chain, transfers its own credit rating / standing to its suppliers, thereby allowing its suppliers to refinance themselves at the level of the buyer. Thus, financing of his supply chain neither affects the corporate buyer's liquidity nor his debt capacity. In addition, the corporate buyer can use the program to extend payment term (DPO's) positively impacting his working capital and improves the overall financing structure as well as its KPIs. Cash rich corporates can also act as investors on the platform, thereby enhancing their own returns on cash.

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INTERVIEW Martin Sadleder- Treamo Business Consulting

Trésorier/Treasurer magazine - N°84 - Jan/Feb/Mar 2014