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HEC PARIS News individual responsibility to support university excellence. This year, HEC Foundation President Daniel Bernard distributed 13 awards to honor the following people for the originality and significance of their research. Grande Ecole Thesis Prize: Claire Besset “Museum use of social media: projects and potential” Thesis advisor: Yves Evrard, emeritus professor, MS Media, Art, and Creation, HEC Paris MBA Business Plan Prize: Fran Cardells, Mickael Perpoil, Irina Pozdnyakova et Jayesh Vir Ethera Inc. Thesis advisor: Philippe Silberzahn, CEO Digital Airways / Elective Coach Executive MBA Thesis Prize: Christian Nopper “Is there a viable business model for online construction estimate companies?” Thesis advisor: Didier Delaigue (E.90), Associate Director, Neostrata Consulting Specialized Professional Master’s Thesis Prize: Clémence Patureau “Innovation as a response to societal needs” Thesis advisor: Tarik Ghezali, Delegate from the Social Entrepreneurs movement de Castries (H.76), CEO of AXA and a major donator and Foundation partner, stressed everyone’s The 2011 HEC Paris Foundation Awards The 35th HEC Foundation Awards ceremony was held on November 30, 2011. Guest speaker Henri research hec Specialized Executive Master’s Thesis Prize: Olivier Capelle “Virtual content in education: its effects on publishing company business models” Thesis advisor: Michel Santi (H.71), emeritus professor, HEC Paris Doctoral Dissertation Prize: Jean-Philippe Vergne “Playing with fire: category-level strategies for dealing with public disapproval. The case of the global arms industry (1996-2007)”. Thesis advisor: Rodolphe Durand (H.93), professor, department of strategy and business policy, HEC Paris Pedagogical Innovation Prize: Mathis Schulte et Kevyn Yong “Social networks and organizational behavior” Assistant professors, department of management and human resources, HEC Paris Le volcan islandais Eyjafjallajökull. Best Article by a Professor Prize: Caroline Lambert “The making of the management accountant. Becoming the producer of truthful knowledge”. Associate professor, department of accounting and management control, HEC Paris 2011 Research Prize: Nicolas Vieille For his articles in esteemed international journals: Econometrica, Journal of Economic Theory, Operations Research, Annals of Statistics, Israel Journal of Mathematics, Games and Economic Behavior, and Mathematics of Operations Research. Professor, department of economics and decision sciences, HEC Paris VIII research@hec • december - january 2012

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research@hec - Issue #24