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Thierry Foucault THESE ARTICLES research Dominique Rouziès Research@hec presents managers with articles based on publications by HEC's professors. Academic jargon is avoided, and readers need no prior knowledge of related literature or modelization. This publication is financed by the HEC Foundation, whose role is to support HEC's research activities. The articles are written by Business Digest, the European magazine that specializes in worldwide and European leadership and management issues. Any comments, criticisms, and suggestions that you may have are welcome at (French language) II – Organization, Business, and Society III – Inter-Stock Market Competition and Market Liquidity V – Sales Force Compensation: The Weight of Net VII – IFRS: The Revolution That Never Was (at least not yet!) ABOUT In this issue: Thomas Jeanjean hec No. 9 • June - July 2009 z z z

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Organization, Business, and Society
Inter-Stock Market Competition and Market Liquidity
Sales Force Compensation: TheWeight of Net
IFRS: The Revolution That NeverWas (at least not yet!)

research@hec - Issue #9