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research hec HEC Paris Faculty further knowledge in economics and management sciences. Faculty is at the heart of knowledge creation and dissemination at HEC. Our 110 permanent faculty coming from 29 different countries work on internationally acclaimed research in most of the major fields of management science, reflecting the diversity of thought and cultures, the open-mindedness and the exacting intellectual standards promoted at HEC. The permanent faculty is reinforced by 103 affiliate professors sharing their academic and professional skills with HEC's students and program participants, and more than 25 visiting professors each year who come to teach and carry out research alongside HEC's fulltime professors. thus part of the HEC community. Among such prestigious faculty are Nobel Prize winners such as Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Thomas J. Sargent or Muhammad Yunus, internationally acclaimed professors such as Michael Porter, Oliver Williamson or Jim March, professors from Collège de France like Antoine Compagnon, and members of the Académie Française such as Hélène Carrère d'Encausse. HEC has an active hiring policy, based on highly selective criteria which echo HEC's need for top faculty with international educational backgrounds and an ability to combine excellent teaching skills and academic research in the main fields of management science. During academic year 2012-2013, HEC was thus glad to welcome 9 new professors-researchers, hired from top worldwide universities (MIT, LBS, New York University, Insead, etc). All these professors enhance HEC's courses and programs through their research work, original teaching materials, and personal interaction with the business world; they contribute to corporate reflection on management issues and are involved in national and international scientific community debates. ACADEMIC INNOVATION Academic innovation at HEC Paris is based on two pillars: * Improving teaching materials: Each year the HEC Foundation allocates funds to innovative educational projects. A collection of HEC business cases has been created with the support of CCMP (the Paris Chamber of Commerce case center) in order to give HEC greater exposure to business schools and t Hiring expert faculty is central to HEC's strategy. It mirrors the excellence criteria required by international accreditation bodies. In the context of heightened worldwide competition to attract the best talent, HEC Paris has managed to earn recognition for its research. As its programs become ever more relevant to the business world, HEC ambitions to be a center for academic excellence and For more than 20 years, HEC Paris has bestowed Honoris Causa Professorship on researchers and academics who are recognized experts in their fields. Over 37 Honoris Causa professors coming from all over the world are d e c e m b e r 2013 * 55

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research@hec - Special Issue - A year of research at HEC Paris 2012-2013