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research hec Research at HEC Paris In a context of global competition, research is a key factor to build up the credibility of a business school. Academic reputation is indeed largely determined by the quality of the knowledge developed by faculty. Business schools having the best reputation attract the finest minds, i.e. both the best students and the best faculty. In this global battle to attract the best talent, HEC has earned an established position which has translated into international rankings. In January 2013, the Financial Times ranked HEC research 5 th in Europe (comparatively, in 2002, HEC research ranked 17th in Europe). This leapfrog has been made possible through significant investments HEC has made with the support of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the HEC Foundation, as well as a continuous effort to recruit researchers coming from the best universities worldwide. HEC's research policy is based on close collaboration with France's top research institution CNRS: the GREGHEC, joint research unit between HEC and CNRS, based on the HEC campus, comprises five CNRS researchers and some HEC faculty. This allows greater visibility for HEC in the French academic community and easier access to national research funds. In 2009, France's evaluation agency for higher education and research (AERES) has granted GREGHEC A+ grade, which is the highest distinction possible. ing secure remote access to data) through which HEC collaborates with ENSAE, Ecole Polytechnique, ENS Cachan, GIS Network Quete¬let, and INSEE. Finally, HEC also plays an active role in creating the Paris-Saclay University which will bring together in 2014, 23 elite institutions in the largest French academic institution. n The development of research at HEC has enabled academic partnerships with renowned French institutions. Last year, a consortium agreement was signed with Ecole Polytechnique and ENSAE to launch Labex Ecodec (Economics and Decision Sciences: Regulating economy to the benefit of society). HEC joined the Equipex CASD Center Consortium (ensur- THE FACULTY AWARDED The vitality of research at HEC can be measured against proven performance criteria: 130 articles were published in academic reference journals since 2012, 200 scientific presentations were made by our researchers over the same period, and fifteen books were published in 2013. In 2013, our faculty has also been awarded numerous prizes such as the "Best Paper published in the Review of Finance"-leading European finance journal, awarded by the European Finance Association (EFA) to David Thesmar, Professor of Finance; the "Best Young Researcher" awarded by Europlace Institute of Finance to François Derrien, Finance Professor, and the "Best paper" awarded by the International Section of the American Accounting Association to Mickael Erkens and Hervé Stolowy, Accounting and Management Control Professor. d e c e m b e r 2013 * 57

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research@hec - Special Issue - A year of research at HEC Paris 2012-2013