Preliminary Program - 2018 - 10

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

SaulPaul, a Musician with a Message, redefines what it means to be a keynote speaker. He's an
award-winning recording artist whose album Dream in 3D was considered for a Grammy Award.
His book Dream in 3D has influenced multitudes. SaulPaul has entertained and inspired audiences
at amazing events and venues across the world, and, at the Wednesday General Session, he will
entertain you and remind you of the important role parks and recreation plays in shaping the lives
of all people.

Education Sessions
Bring on the Gold Medals and Dollar Signs: Leveraging Economics to Advance Your
Agency's Mission Jennifer Plowden, Jill Geller
Advocacy by Design: Innovations in Parks and Public Places for Building Diverse
Constituencies Alexa Bush, Carol Coletta, Demetrius Lambert-Falconer, Gia Biagi,
Kathryn Ott Lovell
The Legacy of Fred Liz DeHart, Seve Ghose, Tim Fulton

Risk Management: Science, Not Science Fiction? Kevin Post, Matt Haynes
There Is no Place Like the Pool: Universally Appealing Watertainment & Wellness Craig
Bouck, Douglass Whiteaker
Stress to Success: Training Lifeguards Using Military Science Becky Herz

Are You a Rock Star or a Cover Band? The Choice Is Yours Tim Moloney, Wade Walcutt
Bridging the Gap: Connecting Practice and School Andrew Mowen, Eric Tamulonis
ARMY MWR: How to Get the Best Job You'll Ever Have Aaron Jones, Kristen Kinnamon,
Ryan Noble
The 60-Second Pitch: Creating the Young Professional's Image Edward Matthews,
Lakita Watson

Partnering for Pollinators: 1,000-Acres Pollinator Initiative Daniel Gibbins
Support Your Stormwater Management Goals with the National Green Infrastructure
Certification Serda Ozbenian


Program for Underserved Areas on Park Use and Physical Activity Marla Collum,
Sandy Slater
Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging: Combating Hunger and Improving Nutrition for Older
Adults Kate Clabaugh, Lesha Spencer-Brown
Transition from Recreation Center to Centers of Health and Wellness: A Public-Private
Partnership Crystal Ross, Donald Wesson

If You're Happy and THEY Know It: Happy Staff! Positive Psychology & Authentic
Leadership Michael Bork, MS
All of Us: How Empowerment and Equity for Women Can Help All Genders Deb Jordan,
Lisa Paradis, Rick Atkins, Ryan Sallans, Teresa Penbrooke
You Had Me at Hello: Strategic Communication for Tough Situations with Teens and
Everyone Else Heidi Pope, Sherenia Gibbs
iMProgrammed But Are You Programmed for Everyone? Emily Rose, Roslyn Johnson
Is Your Agency Truly Relevant? Aligning P&R Services with Public Perception
Michael Kirschman
Lessons from the Legends: Shattering Stereotypes and Glass Ceilings Alike Kelly Bricker,
Keri Schwab
Leading 'The Way': Creating Positive Culture in Your Department Kirsten Barnes
Predicting Trends for an Unpredictable Future Neelay Bhatt

Shaping Space for Civic Life: The Pivotal Role of Parks Suzanne Niennaber
Creating a High-Performance Public Space: A Hands-On Workshop David Barth
Smartphones, Smart Cars and SMART Parks: How Technology Can Be Used in Urban Parks
to Make Them 'SMART' Kelsey Jessup
Capitalization & Procurement Strategies for Recreational Professionals Alan Borrett, Luke
Parks in Changing Communities Roxanne Blackwell, Eric Tamulonis, Diane Allen, Janelle
Johnson, Adrian Benepe

Motivate. Educate. Elevate. Your Employee Training Program Is About to Get Mobile
Crowdsourced Dori Tilko
It's Up to Us: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Our Parks Julia Strehlow, Nikki Ginger
Leveraging the Power of Groups and Group Cohesion: Unlocking the Key to Success
Anthony Wall




Addressing Rural Health Disparities Through Healthy Food Access Allison Colman,
Michael Meit
'Play Spaces for All': Evaluating the Impact of NRPA and Disney's Play Space Grant

From Shawn Mendes to the Beatles, Connecting the Generations Lauren Quinn, Sandra
Olson, Sonya Malinowski
Competition Is Not a Dirty Word Joel Fish


18 Million Reasons to Use a Data-Driven Approach to Marketing Kelly Manderfield
Kick It up a Notch: Developing and Implementing an Engaging Brand Message Nicole
Van Winkle


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