Preliminary Program - 2018 - 13


Seven Habits of Highly Effective Recreation Professionals (2018 Version) Detrick Stanford
Mobilizing Philanthropic Resources for Play and Fitness Victoria Babb
Keepin' It REAL in Parks and Recreation Aliza Wasserman, Edith Michel, Leon Andrews
Being Successful in a Politically Charged Environment Paul Romero
At the Water Cooler and Beyond: The Art and Science of Building Consensus
Evelyn Kirkwood
Turn Your Rec Center into a Tech Center Craig Bouck, Mick Massey
Exploring the Role of Parks and Recreation from a Mayor's Perspective James Brainard,
Kevin O'Hara, Pete Buttigieg
Get It in Gear: Gold Medal Panel discussion Jill Geller, Jodie Adams, Randy Bina, Rick
Herold, Sue Black

You've Built a Facility, Now What - Planning for Maintenance and Operation of a New/
Renovated Facility Frank Parisi, Michael Adams
Parks as Catalysts for Urbanizing Suburbia Barbara Hernandez, David Barth, Juan
Bermudez, Ryan Cambridge
Creating a Greenways Maintenance Program Lisa Kasianowitz, Trent Rondot
Shaping Space for Civic Life: The Pivotal Role of Parks Suzanne Nienaber, Jennifer Mahar
Recreation: A Tool for Reshaping Northwest Indiana's Lakefront Craig Phillips, Joel
Baldin, Kerry Keith
Parks in Changing Communities Adrian Benepe, Diane Allen, Eric Tamulonis, Janelle
Johnson, Roxanne Blackwell

Video Storytelling: Let's Make a Video Today! Becky Dunlap
A New Division of Parks and Recreation: Community Engagement Dan Domsic, Tony Elliot
When Disaster Strikes: Making Your Agency Shine During the Storm Cheryl Michelet
The Dreaded 'S' Word Erika Tang, Jennifer Basham, Kyle Cooper

The Whole Wide World of Active Adults - 50 Plus Mary Stallings, Teresa Grodsky
Pickleball Problem Solving Shane Wampler
More Recreation Program Hacks: 60+ Ideas in 60 Minutes Elisabeth Weaver
Sports Participation Trends Among Individual-Based Activities in the United States
Nick Rigitano
Everyone Is a Triathlete! How to Provide a Great Community Event for Individuals of all
Abilities Julie Rocha, Roberta Dunn
PLAY BALL: MLB Youth Programs David James, Matt Engleka

Making Space: Optimistic Strategies for Addressing Urban Homelessness in Parks and
Recreation Brice Maryman, Cindy Mendoza
Developing Highly Effective Class-Program and Facility-Participant Surveys Ronald Vine
Turning Research into Practice to Create Healthier, Happier Communities Jennie Sumrell

Grantmaking Success: A Conversation with Funders Cassie Pais, David Cooper,
Wende David
Cafecito Adventures: A Fun Idea-Generating, Problem-Solving Creativity Tool for Customer
Experiences Rich DiGirolamo
51 ideas in 75 minutes to Increase Concession Sales at Your Park Facilities Mike
I Spy Excellent Service: A Customer Service Codebook Annie Olson, Iris Pahlberg Peterson
Managing and Financing Park Systems for the Future John Crompton, Leon Younger

Speed Sessions
Adventures in Performance Measurement Bobbi Nance
Attract Millennials to Programs Maggie Downie
Be Your Project Champion Raine Gardner
Breaking the Bubbles: How to Promote Social Interaction and Gain Added Value In Park

Design by Creating Multi-Function & Multi-Generational Spaces Chad Atterbury
Building Community Within an Isolate World Maggie Downie
Conducting Public Meetings Where No One Gets Hurt Hillary Andren-Wise
Create Good Habits Cecilia Brantley
Creative Ideas to Refresh Your Staff Training Leigh Jackson
Developing an Evaluative Hiring Process for Part-Time Staff Nicole Van Winkle
Dog Gone Crazy Gabriel Castillo
Dr. Seuss Was a Genius! The Science of Storytelling Shannon Keleher
Easy Partnering with Your School District Ben Johnson
Engage the Silent Voices Dannielle Wilson
Engaging Cultures the Pathway to a Healthy Workplace Beth Waller
Equip Your Staff with The Right Tools for Success Emily Stevens
Falling Up! Mistakes Don't Define, They Refine Jennifer Basham
Fantastic Female Recreation Leaders and Where to Find Them Rhiannon Sinclair
Four Reasons That Park and Recreation Agencies Fail Dick Horton
Gen X Dannielle Wilson
Getting People to Value Your Parks and Use Them More - What Really Matters? Robby Layton
Harmonizing Your Community's Approach to Inclusive Play: Gaining Perspective and
Increasing Usability Lisa Moore
If You Don't Feed the Supervisors, They Eat the Staff Shannon Keleher
Invisible Borders: Becoming an Agent of Change to Break Barriers and Provide Recreation
for All Kristine Fleming
Innovative Equity Techniques to Engage Residents in Parks Jared Mummert
Laughter Lab - Customer Service with a...Laugh? Michael Bork
Laughter Lab - Laughter 'Time Filler' Games Michael Bork
" Let's Move! " Designing Play to Get People of All Ages out of Their Seats and on Their Feet
Laurel Raines
Lightning Safety - Myths and Facts Randy Smith
Marketing Your Park - 25 Easy, Zero Budget Tips on Increasing Awareness Through the
Internet Anne-Marie Spencer
Mastering the Five P's: The Greatest Untold Secret to Operating a Successful Parks and
Recreation Agency June Price-Shingles
Meetings Are Better When You Treat Them Like CAKE Jacqueline O'Connell
Mobilizing Play as a Catalyst for Positive Socialization Tom Norquist
Nature Play Days - Statewide Collaboration to Get Kids Outside Claire Lane
New Employee Onboarding Done Right! Lindsay Bjork
One More Time: How to Lead and Motivate Our Followers Steve Wolter
Outdoor Fitness Placemaking, Designing for Community Anne-Marie Spencer
Parks & Rec to the Rescue!: Fitness Education for the Community Kelsey Gilbert
Parks & Recreation: The New Status Symbol Bobbi Nance
" Positivizing " Parks & Recreation Paul Wright
Praise & Criticism Gabriel Castillo
Prioritizing Accessibility in Recreation & Parks Michelle Monroe-Cook
Relating to and Retaining Millennial Staff Nathan Kane
Secrets to Building a Strong Local Park Foundation Board Donald Ortale
Getting People to Value Your Parks and Use Them More - What Really Matters? Robby Layton
Staff Training: Connecting with Millennials Kimberly Bodey
Staying Positive in an Increasingly Negative World Scott Fraser
Story Maps - Engage and Inspire Your Audience Daniel Espada
Talk the Talk: An Activity to Build Communication with Staff Members Katherine Broughton
The Animal Matrix: Enhance Your Self-Awareness and Social Awareness to Make a
Happier and More Engaged Park & Recreation Team Skyler Archibald
The Art of Meetings Lisa Wube
The Path to Sustainable Innovation Beth Waller
The Power of Positivity Brad Luck
The Public's Health Agency: Parks and Recreation's Critical Role in Communities Steve Wolter
Underfunded or Understaffed? Leveraging the Local University to Create New
Programming Jennifer VanSickle
Understanding Recreationists Through the Instagram Lens Allie McCreary
Unlock Your Fundraising Future: 10 Rules for Attracting (and Sustaining) Donors to Your
Mission Rebekah Snyder
We Got Engaged! Tips for Communicating Effectively with Your Part-Time Workforce
Adam Blackmore
We Should Talk: Uniting Communities Through the Power of Play Kent Callison
Winning the Fight Against Video Games and Smartphones by Getting Kids Outdoors and
Into Your Facilities. Bigfoot Lead the Way! Roger Heaney
You Can Do Public Relations with (Almost) No Budget Scott Fraser


Preliminary Program - 2018

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