Preliminary Program - 2018 - 9

The Power of Pause Jarrod Scheunemann, LorIkay Paden
Assessing the Economic Impact of Special Events Terry Clower
Building the Bench: Approaches to Growing the Next Generation of Recreation Leaders
Darlene Hines, Ryan Noble, Stephen Remillard
Leading vs. Managing: Teambuilding on a $25 Budget Dietrich Williams, Tiffany Johnson
Homelessness in Parks: Strategies for Progress John Cyrus Smith
Leading from the Middle Jacqueline O'Connell, Timothy O'Connell

Going Off-Leash: Planning, Designing and Maintaining Outstanding Dog Parks
Curtis LaPierre, Matt Whirley
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Health(iness): All Parks Are NOT Created Equal Robby
Layton, Rod Tarullo
Comprehensive Master Plans: The Ins, the Outs and the In-Between Barbara Heller, Bill
Inman, James Warnstedt
Branding Parks and Recreation: You Belong Here! Brice Maryman, Cindy Mendoza
Park and Trail Signage 101: How to Develop a Signage and Wayfinding Program Greg
Weitzel, Jennifer Bressler
Time Is Money: How the Charrette Process Builds Consensus Effectively Gregg Calpino,
Leon Younger, Tom Poulos
Keeping Up with Capital Replacements: Crawl, Walk and Run Keith Hobson
Inclusivity in Public Facilities - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Danielle Potter, John
Beck, Lindsey Peckinpaugh
Creating an Operations Standards Manual: Community Centers, Parks & Trails Catherine
Ellis, Keith Watson
More Design Glitches & Building Blunders Craig Bouck, Mick Massey

Let's Get Kids Outdoors: The Colorado Story Dody Erickson, Jackie Miller, Jane Broida
Developing New Golfers: Expanding the Reach of Your Municipal Golf Business
Richard Singer

Tapping Park Data to Tell Your Story and Better Serve the Public Alexandra Hiple, Charlie
McCabe, Kevin Roth
The National Study of Neighborhood Parks: Infrastructure and Programming Impacts on
Park Use and Perceptions Deborah Cohen
Show Me the Data: Using Data, Research & Analytics to Support Your Park and Recreation
Work Aaron Perri, Alexandra Hiple
Is Proximity Enough? How Characteristics Like Awareness Effect Participation Teresa
Penbrooke, Robby Layton, Becky Dunlap

Get out of the (Rule) Box: Stop Thinking Like a Municipal Employee Kirsten Barnes,
Rich DiGirolamo
How to Build a Culture of Guest-Service Excellence Lindsay Labas, Neelay Bhatt
Cooperative Purchasing Confusion? Let Us Make Buying Easier! Jennifer Sulentic,
Doug Looney

5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

It's time to show your school spirit! NRPA is inviting students to
a unique networking event at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse, home
to the Indiana Pacers. Come mingle with other future park and
recreation professionals and show off your school colors. Those
who attend will have access to the NRPA Opening Reception
immediately following the rally.

Once Upon a Pie Chart: Telling Your Story with Data Bobbi Nance
Diversity Marketing Juan Carlos Acevedo

Follow the 'TRACKS' to Dynamic Outdoor Programming! Hobie Hare, Jodie Adams
Are You Ready? - Making Safety a Priority at Events Aaron Briner, Erica Chua, Molly
Murray, Tom Godfrey
Buddy Camp - Teaming Teens with Young Children with Disabilities Brad Epperley, Sarah
Blech, Tommy Barber
Connecting Communities to Nature (CC2N): A Collaborative Approach to Nature
Programming Al Bangoura, Alice Eastman, Melissa O'Lenick
Tales from the Inside Rhonda Pollard, Teresa Grodsky
Increase Participation, Limited Space, More Money - Tennis Innovation! Todd Carlson
Sailing for All Larry Labiak
The Psychology of Working with Today's Sports Parents, Coaches and Athletes Joel Fish
Alaskan Outdoor Adventure for Women: Empowerment Through Recreation Donald Heeg,
Erica McDaniel
21st-Century Programming for the Urban Male Population Elliott Brown, Marcus Coates

(sponsored by GameTime)

6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. | Bankers Life Fieldhouse
Unwind with thousands of your colleagues at the Opening
Reception at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse, home of the Indiana
Pacers. There will be live music, amazing food and drink, and you
may even get to shoot some hoops down on the court!

Hall Hours
10:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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