Preliminary Program - 2022 - 15

Leadership and Personnel Management
" What Is an Indian Doing at an Ice Arena? " - From That to a
30-Plus Year Fulfilling Career in Parks and Recreation
Creating a Safe Space for High Performers
How Do We Get Our Emerging Leaders Trained Now?
It's a Real Job! Selling the Career Path of Parks and
Recreation to Gen Z*
Leaders Are Readers
Mental Wellness and Psychological Resiliency for PublicSector
Must-Have Leadership Skills for Up-and-Coming Leaders
Robert W. Crawford Recreation and Park Hall of Fame - A
Program of NRPA and AAPRA
The Senseless Divide
Wine Country and Cost Recovery: An Underdog Story
Planning, Design and Maintenance
Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Urban Parks:
Strategies to Thrive in a More Inhospitable Climate*
Designing Healing Green Spaces for Respite, Resilience and
Recovery in the Wake of Natural Disasters
How the Redevelopment of the Former Stapleton Airport
Has Transformed Denver's Approach to Its Parks
Public Art: Creating Art Galleries in Outdoor Spaces
Sharing Spaces: East Arlington Recreation Center and
Library Case Study
Storytelling Through Play
Streaming Video: Bring Your Sports Facility to Fans
Everywhere, Enhance Services and Generate Revenue
The Topography of Play: Creating Interactive Play That
Promotes Health and Accessibility While Capitalizing on a
Site's Physicality
Using NRPA's Research and Evaluation Resources to Boost
Parks and Recreation
B'More Outside: Engaging and Educating Inner-City Youth
to Explore Outdoors
Greensboro Mountain Biking Experience - Everyone
Deserves to Shred
Let's Talk Teens: Teen Engagement in Your Community
Mentoring Best Practices in Rural Communities
Queering the Parks*
Ready, Set, Rec! - Mobile Recreation
The New Senior - Their Second Chance at Fun
Youth Sports Compliance: Setting Standards and Enforcing
Public Policy and Advocacy
Achieving Big Outcomes for Smaller Cities: The Story of
Sioux Falls' National Park Design Competition
Land and Water Conservation Fund: Policies, Best Practices
and Ideas
Rural Communities Can Have Fun, Too!
The Houston 50/50 Park Partners Program - An EquityFocused,
Public-Private Partnership for Improving
Neighborhood Parks
Public Relations and Marketing
All I Really Need to Know About Marketing I Learned on
From Fans to Fam: Influencer Marketing for Lifeguard
Know Your Audience for Effective Public Speaking
Marketing and Branding for Directors
Sponsorships: Are You Surviving or Thriving?
Revenue Development
Grant Readiness From Opening to Audit
Transforming Golf Courses Into Equitable Community
Assets Through Public Investment and Creative
Redevelopment Partnerships
Pricing, Packaging and Selling Naming Rights and
Corporate Sponsorships
Best of the Best Awards Ceremony
5 p.m. - 6 p.m. | Sheraton Phoenix Downtown (HQ Hotel), Phoenix
Ballroom, Sections ABC
Join us as we recognize and
celebrate the most inspirational
people and programs by presenting
the 2022 Innovation
Awards and Spotlight Awards.
The newly CAPRA-accredited
and re-accredited park and recreation
agencies, Young Professional
Fellows, and Diversity
and Student Scholarship recipients
also will be recognized.

Preliminary Program - 2022

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