Preliminary Program - 2022 - 16

Thursday, September 22
Bridging the Divide - Mentorship and Development of Staff
Public Splash Pads: Closing the Funding Gap With an
Equitable Pay-to-Play Strategy
Staff + Programs + Facilities + Risk Mitigation = MillionDollar
Aquatics Manager
Turning Your Pool 'Green' and Why You Want to!
Career Development
Bridging the Gap!
Pathway to Careers: Youth Engagement With the Forest
Preserves of Cook County
Professionalism and Why It Matters
Reading the Tells - Learning How to Read Body Language
So...You Have a Great Idea, Now What?
Thriving as an Introvert in an Extroverted Industry
A Win-Win for All People and All Wildlife: Creating
Partnerships Between Parks and Wildlife Agencies*
Academics and Parks Department Form the Perfect
Relationship in Rural Alaska: The Success Story on How to
Develop While Still Conserving Natural Spaces
BirdPhilly - Making Birding Accessible
Green Infrastructure and the EPA - Opportunities for
Leveraging BioBlitz and Other Community Science to
Support Pollinators and Sustainability Efforts
Managing Ebikes and Other Emerging Technology/Modes
of Travel on Natural Surface Trails
Nature on Wheels: Creating Connections on the Go!
Parks Vision 2030 - Maricopa County Regional Park
Planning for the Phoenix Metro Area
Customer Service
Be Our Guest: Offer the Maximum Experience With Your
Own Park Ambassador Program
Looking, Listening and Learning: Ways to Better
Understand Your Customers
Equity and Inclusion
ADA Compliance for Park and Recreation Agencies: From
Theory to Practice
An IKEA-Inspired Approach to Building an Equity Plan*
Dealing With Behavioral Challenges Through a New Lens
Diverse Play, Equitable Recreation and Inclusive Work:
Identifying and Addressing Microaggressions and Implicit Bias
Equitable Park Investments: Three Cities, Three Stories
Fighting Defensiveness in Equity Conversations
Gender Spectrum Inclusion in Recreation
How to Support Youth at the Decision-Making Table
Making a Smooth Transition - Accessibility to Public
Facilities for the Transgender Population
Our Parks Are Equitable...Right?
Parking, Plantations and Programs: Identifying Hidden
Barriers to Equity*
Using Recreational Centers as Sites to Resist, Persist and
Want Equity and Prosperity? An Action Guide for Parks and
Public Spaces
Health and Wellness
Be a Tourist in Your Own City! Explore Our Traveling
Walking Club, Mil'WALK'ee!
Chair Chi: Seated Tai Chi for the Movement-Impaired
Embracing Systems Change for Equitable Access to Nature
Experience Famine: Too Much Viewing, Not Enough Doing
FitPHX: A Citywide Health and Wellness Initiative Built
on Innovative Collaborations and Partnerships Providing
Residents With Resources to Be Healthier
How to Create Vibrant Spaces for Playful Learning*
Promoting Young Children's Equitable Nature Connection
in Cities
R.E.P.O.R.T: Best Practices for Organizations Responding to
Child Abuse
Relaxed Mind, Full Potential: Enhancing Your Work,
Performance and Life
Leadership and Personnel Management
Change Management: Back Then You Didn't Want Us...
Creating a Culture of Innovation: Getting Good Ideas off the
How a Small Organization Can Leverage Resources to Make
a Personalized Employee Wellness Program
Empowering Your Employees: Lifting Them up and Letting
Them Go!
Learning From Park and Recreation's GOLD Standard - The
GOLD Medal Award Program
Make It Stick! Activities to Make All of Your Trainings More
Fun and Impactful

Preliminary Program - 2022

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