Preliminary Program - 2022 - 17

Overcoming Generation Stereotypes to Create Highly
Effective Teams
Centering on the Whole Employee in Seattle: Winning
Language, Winning Action, Winning Culture
Winning the War for Talent by Leveraging Coordinated HR/
Marketing Strategies
Planning, Design and Maintenance
Achieving a Collective Community's $100 Million
Grand Vision Through Dynamic Planning, Design and
Breathing New Life Into Public Spaces With Augmented Reality
A Capital Idea: Building Better Relationships With Elected
Charting a Path Through the Perfect Storm: Navigating
a 2,100% Increase in Capital Funding in the Middle of a
Global Pandemic
Envisioned, Inspired and Designed by the Community -
Delivering the Goodyear Recreation Campus
Eyes to Equity: A Closer Look at Access to Park Space in
Greater Houston
Imagination and Place: The Role of Public Art in Parks
Journey Experience Model for Designing and Managing
Parks for Everyone*
Measuring Success: NRPA Park Evaluation Toolkit
Planning, Design and Maintenance
Oh $nap; It Passed! - Your Ballot-Based Funding Measure
Was Successful, Now It's Time to Implement!
Using the Powerful Combination of Google Maps and
Google My Business for Equitable Plans and Budgets
Reimagined Parks and Economic Opportunities
The New Gold Standard for Parks System Planning
Without Music Life Would B-Flat: Blending Music,
Community and Parks
Building Opportunities for Kids With Disabilities
Not Another Survey!
Over Under Initiative: Converting Blacktops to Dynamic,
Multisport Spaces
Putting the Sexy in Senior Centers
Rated 'T' for Teens - PHXteens Created by Teens for Teens
Rec in the Streets: A New Way to Recreate
Supporting the Youth Sports System: Updates From the
National Youth Sports Strategy
Using Augmented Reality to Create Inclusive and Engaging
Educational Experiences
Why It's So Important for Parks to Offer STEAM
Programming and How to Make It FUN
Public Policy and Advocacy
Community Power Mapping: Strategically Leveraging Your
Relationships for Promoting Positive Social Change
Developing Funding for Public Art
Inspiring Insights From Leaders in the Field
Resiliency: The Post COVID-19 Necessity
Stronger Together: Coalition Building for a Change
Taking BIG Ideas From Concept to Reality
The American Rescue Plan: What Went Well, What Didn't
Go Well and What Still Can Be Done?
The Partnership Between Law Enforcement and Parks
Creating Compelling Parks Campaigns: Marketing
Strategies to Transform Your Community*
Equitable Engagement Practices With One of the Nation's
Largest Redevelopment Projects - the Atlanta BeltLine*
Public Relations and Marketing
Facebook for Your Fitness Facility
Maximize Your Marketing on a Budget
Trend Watch 2022: What to Follow (and Avoid) in
Marketing, Engagement, Programming and Event Trends
This Year
Revenue Development
Bond, Parks Bond...
Five Years Out: A Look at the Impact of the City of Austin's
2016 Update to the Parkland Dedication Ordinance
Got Cash? Taking the Mystery Out of Revenue Models
Philanthropic and Community Equity as a Component
Within Capital Improvements and the Role of Your Park
Foundation and Friends Groups
Closing General Session
3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
There will be a lot to soak
in all week at the NRPA
Annual Conference, but the
Closing General Session
will cap off your experience
with an energizing
presentation. Stay tuned to
the conference website for
more information.

Preliminary Program - 2022

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