Preliminary Program - 2022 - 8

All 20-minVirtual Speed Sessions
Hop, Skip, Play: Creating Accessible
Play Value at Splash Pads
The Three " Rs " for Your One Lifeguard
Career Development
CPRP for Me? Why You Need It and
How to Get It
Networking Your Way to the Job of
Your Dreams
A Tree of Life - How an Urban Wood
Program Can Add Another Stage to
the Life Cycle of a Tree and Build a
Circular Economy for Your Community
Community Friendly Outdoor Sports
Lighting: Design Approval by The
International Dark-Sky Association
Community-Based Stewardship as a
Driver for Environmental Improvement
Identifying Easy Conservation
Strategies to Strengthen
Environmental Resilience in Urban
Green Spaces
The Wonders of a Resilient Mind:
From Resistance to Resilience
Customer Service
STP: A Proven Super-Charged System
for Solving Those Problems
Equity and Inclusion
Community First: A Toolkit to Embed
Equity Into Parks and Open Spaces
Democratizing Data, Funding and
Policy Tools to Address the Park
Equity Gap in Your Community
Equitably Enhancing Our Community
Offerings and Services
From Basketballs to Cots: L.A. City's
Successes and Lessons Learned on
Sheltering the Unhoused During the
COVID-19 Pandemic
ute speed sessions will have both a virtual and a 10-minute in-person Q&A session at the conference
center in Phoenix. A recording of each speed session will be available on the virtual platform for the duration of the
conference. The recording also will be broadcast live in the exhibit hall with an in-person Q&A session to follow.
Virtual speed sessions are worth 0.04 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) unless otherwise indicated.
From Cricket to Crypto: What's NEXT
for Parks and Recreation?
More Than Words: Create Effective
Vertical Communication Within
a Division to Bridge Gaps and to
Improve Success
Past the Skatepark and Beyond the
Pump Track: The Importance of
Planning Inclusive All-Wheel Parks
Providing Accessibility for All Abilities:
Understanding the Differences
Between an Accessible and Adaptive
Kayak Launch System (Accessible Is
Not Synonymous With Adaptive!)
Socioeconomic Impacts on Youth
Athletics - Analysis Study
The Gift of Play: Giving New Life to
Old Playgrounds
Welcome 2 Golf: How to Develop New
Golfers and Expand the Reach of Your
Municipal Golf Business
Health and Wellness
A Shifting Perspective on Health:
Bike Infrastructure and Community
Mining the Gems of COVID-19
Optimal Lifestyle: Therapeutic
Recreation Beyond the Office to the
Pilot or Passenger? Navigating Your
Work-Life Balance
Seattle Parks and Recreations
Urban Food Systems Program:
Equity-Centered Food Production at
Municipal Community Gardens and
Wholly Holistic Health: Physical,
Mental and Social Well-Being
Leadership and Personnel
Battling Burnout
The Art of Confrontation for People Who
Hate Conflict: How to Have Productive
Conversations in the Workplace
Youngstown Lifeguard Academy and
the Youngstown Parks and Recreation
Department: Growing Our Own
Planning, Design and
Saying Goodbye to Per Capita Level of
Service Standards
This Building Breathes
Creating Effective Teen Programming
Through Simple Cellphone
How to Start Your Own Esports
Program on a Budget!
The Sky Is Falling!!! Virtual Programming
for Recreation in a Pandemic
Public Policy and Advocacy
Advocating for Yourself and Your
Agency: The Long and Short of It
Drone Right
Public Relations and
Park and Recreation Brand Guidelines
Realistic Marketing Tips That Work
Revenue Development
King County Parks: Seattle Kraken/
One Roof Foundation Public-Private
Partnership Case Study
Pavers, Benches and Trees: Building
Affinity to Parks
Using Technology to Create and
Manage Digital Tennis Communities,
Delivering Increased Tennis Player
Participation and Revenues
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Preliminary Program - 2022

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