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DaySmart Recreation
Recreation facility management made easy
aving an all-in-one facility management solution is the best way
to grow with your community and simplify operations across
your organization. With DaySmart Recreation's mobile-friendly
facility management solution, we're making it easy to streamline
scheduling, registration, payment processing and community engagement in
one platform, so your staff and members can find important information
wherever they are.
Streamline Payments
Make payments and processing for
membership a breeze with payment
into DaySmart
Recreation. With additional features,
like reoccurring payments
and being able to send invoices, you
can ensure your facility isn't missing
out on revenue.
Measure Success and
Track Progress
Monitor payments,
resources and
program performance so your team
can forecast future demand. With all
your important facility data in one
location and more than 60 standard
reports built into the platform, you
can easily view finances and facility
usage in real time.
Make an Impact With Robust
Solution Capabilities
Simplify Scheduling
and Reservations
Do you run into double-booking or
unused space because of low visibility
across facility locations and schedules?
Planning and booking leagues,
camps and reoccurring events are
easy with our calendar solution that
gives you visibility across multiple locations
and rentals.
Improve Customer Experience
Retain and grow your community
base with
our mobile-friendly
so members can quickly make
reservations, view family member
details and see upcoming events. Your
facility also can use member data to
send targeted communications about
upcoming events members of your
community might be interested in
based on past engagement.
Automate Check-In
Kick paper check-in to the curb with
mobile check-in capabilities all in one
platform. Having this data stored in
the same locations as your other facility
reporting makes it easy for your
staff to manage attendance by reducing
manual work and entry errors so
you can track program performance
and membership engagement.
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Have you heard?
DaySmart Recreation acquired
TeamUp, a leading provider of fitness
and gym management software.
TeamUp takes away the heavy
lifting by managing your customer
data, memberships and class booking
all in one place.
For more information on how
DaySmart Recreation is helping
other NRPA members, visit
give us a call.

Innovation Guide - 2022

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