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Smart Rain
mart Rain technology saves water and money on commercial and
municipal landscapes, giving users the simplest water management
solution on the market. Whether you step foot on the property or not,
you'll know exactly what is happening thanks to information from
your mobile device or computer.
We live in a day and age where
technology is at our fingertips. Why
not use it to your advantage? It's
easy to conserve water and cut water
bills with Smart Rain products.
Our EPA-certified, LEED-qualifying
SmartController™ is a loyal minion,
pushing data points of weather,
and more from
SmartApp™ to sprinkler heads, as
well as giving real-time reports of
actions and savings while you are
working hard at the office or on-site.
Or, even while you're hardly working
from the beach in Cabo San Lucas.
You can have peace of mind that the
landscape is healthy and watering is
You know what else gives you
peace of mind? Your remote water
management team. You didn't even
know you had one, huh?
Smart Rain's customer success
team helps get the most
savings possible out
of your irrigation
customers get a dedicated account
manager that is available 24/7. This
proactive manager monitors your
sites for efficiency and brings in other
experts from the team as needed. All
this allows you to focus more of your
time on what you do best.
Time can be as precious as water.
One of the many award-winning
features is our interactive
SmartMapping™. This feature allows
users to identify watering zones and
other equipment on an interactive
map. By clicking a zone on the map,
one can manage and operate zones
and more. No need to drill down to
that zone on another screen. Stay on
the map view, locate the zone. Click.
Manage. Save. Now, that's simple.
The City of Sanford, Florida, has
seen great success using Smart Rain.
Its parks department's workforce was
down by 50 percent this past summer.
Yet, during the hottest month
of the year, August, the staff
only needed to water two
times! The Smart Rain
system responded with
using the hyper-local SmartWeather™
data and utilizing the
most accurate weather reports within
two square miles. Now that is
weather-based watering technology
at its finest.
" I love the simplicity of Smart
Rain. Being short-staffed, the automated
smart features save me a lot
of time, " says Benson Josue, parks
superintendent for City of Sanford.
Using more than 3 million weather
data points, our smart water system
is worry free. And at no extra cost,
we provide lifetime support and lifetime
training, as well as a lifetime
warranty. We are here to make your
job easier. So, when we have a software
update, you get it immediately.
When a SmartController™ is out of
date, we send you a new one.
Smart Rain saves water, money
and time.
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