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O N T H E C O V E R Adam Tihany & CITYCENTER ‘THE STARS LINED UP’ After Project’s Stall, the Art-Focused Mega Development Finally Opens B Y K E L L Y H U S H I N N ot long ago, the world was unsure what the future would hold for one of the recent U.S. hospitality industry’s most major projects. When the recession hit a hush came over Las Vegas and one of the biggest questions was, “What about CityCenter?” For a time, developer, manufacturer and designer alike were forced to hold their breaths and wait. Fortunately, after a stall of about six months, enough to cause a stress-induced hospitalization or two, the project came back to life and people like Adam D. Tihany could relax. Or could they? With six months less to complete the project, everyone involved at CityCenter had to figure out how the work would get done — Tihany included. “There was a moment of panic, the project stopped,” Tihany said. “We lost six months but we decided we were not going to change the opening date. We had to work harder and more quickly. Everybody pulled together to get this thing done; there were many sleepless nights.” Tihany’s advantage through the process included a long career of experience with a firm he started more than 30 years ago, and lots of previous work with MGM MIRAGE. “The stars lined up,” he said about his involvement. Through his practice, he’s survived a recession or two and has managed to come out fairly un-phased. At CityCenter, Tihany joined an array of design firms like BBGM, Kay Lang + Associates, Remedios and others to create the dozens of environments that now compose the still incomplete complex. While known as a restaurant designer, Tihany’s major CityCenter project, the Mandarin Oriental, is not a restaurant — though he designed a few of those too, including the ones at Mandarin, naturally. The property is the first Las Vegas arm of the internationally-recognized Asian luxury brand and with that came a good deal of pressure and an expectation. Given the entire project’s necessary budget cuts, adjustments had to be made to achieve that goal. Lobby at the Mandarin Oriental; Adam Tihany 24 • boutique DESIGN march/april 2010

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Boutique Design - March/April 2010
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Hyatt Opens First Andaz Hotel On Wall Street In NYC
Brintons Announces Second Collection With Scottish Duo
AB Concept In Hong Kong Creates The French Window, Overlooking The Harbor
Washington D.C. Celebrates Revamped Design Center
Q&A With Kit Kemp, On How She Successfully Brought Firmdale Hotels To The U.S. With The Crosby Street
Adam Tihany Delivers Las Vegas’ First Mandarin Oriental After A Collective Deep Breath, CityCenter Opens And Adam Tihany Delivers Las Vegas’ First Mandarin Oriental
World By Design
Fathom Creative Turns A Dilapidated Brake Shop Into New Multi-Use Space For Art, Business, Life And Inspiration
German Theorist And Author, Boris Groys, Discusses His Book, Art Power And The Idea Of Tourists As Architects As Part Of This Month’s Inspiration
Designer Meetups Hosts Big Wigs In Design To Share Inspiration And Discuss Trends In Informal, Open Environments
Brian Orter Weighs In On The Popular Debate In The Design Community About Hand Drawings Versus Realistic Computer Renderings
EnVogue: BD Brings You Snapshots
Bath And Spa:
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Boutique Design - March/April 2010