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DREAMbook: Bath & Spa Aqueous Transmission 1 A bathroom can provide a most ultimate solace or an institutional The feeling one discomfort. between the other or difference can often be as simple as changing a faucet here, a toilet there. It can turn an unwelcoming space into one that “sells the place” so-to-speak. Take some of our not ideas to for but new be too bath many products, careful throw styles into one washroom for fear that guests may not know whether to draw a bath or pop a bottle. If you really get it right, they might do both. — KH 58 • boutique DESIGN may/june 2010

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Boutique Design - May/June 2010
BD Launches ScanLife Technology
The Rocco Forte Collection
Kimpton Open Another Hotel Palomar
Steve Wynn Unveils Encore
NEWH Members Tour NYC’s Newly-Renovated Surrey Hotel
Novo Arts Hotels S.A.S. Studio Night to Benefit the Give Your Art Foundation
BDNY Advisory Board Meets to Tour New Building and Discuss Trade Show Launch
Business Sense
On the Boards: Sephen Jacobs and Andi Pepper Introduce the Upcoming Gansevoort Park
Q&A with Ed Bakos and Anthony DiGuiseppe
We Proudly Present the 2010 Boutique 18 - Read Their Story in Pictures
In Reflection
World by DESIGN
Bath and Spa
Amsterdam Film, UXUS Design, Transforms Napa Valley Garage Winery into Majestic Upscale Tasting Den, Merus
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Boutique Design - May/June 2010