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GUEST EDITOR Keri Hawkins On the Cutting Edge of Training and Technology Stay open to the possibilities that cutting-edge technology can bring. I n a world of ever-increasing technological advancements, it is important as training professionals to stay on the cutting edge of industry and continue to innovate within our markets. In recent past, there has been significant development in the areas of technology for simulation training, virtual proctoring and mentoring, as well as the latest introduction of "wearable technology" in the field of learning. In early 2014, I was afforded the opportunity to be a part of an exciting new program, gaining acceptance of our Sales Training Department to participate in the Google Glass explorer program as "early explorers." This would allow our training department to be at the forefront of innovative new technology and, through trials and betatesting, help shape the future of this type of technology in the medical device industry. This is a key example of the type of cuttingedge technology that is continually being developed and brought to market for training professionals, to enhance distance learning and remote mentoring and training. The benefit of early engagement is to ensure it will meet the needs of the educational environment and bring the most value to training, in addition to the mass market. This is the true value of being at the forefront of early technology! Most recently, our global sales training department has been working with Google Glass, and other wearable technologies, to determine how best to utilize these devices in a life sciences training environment. Currently, it can be used in multiple different facets, including live case transmission, telementoring, virtual training and on-demand access to information for training purposes. In collaboration with Koeus Solutions, we recently had great success in performing the first live surgical global case transmission, from Paris to the United States, in the field of endovascular neuroradiology. This forum allowed us to provide an opportunity for remote case observation to our sales and R&D teams, and dialogue from a world-renowned expert in his field, without the significant cost of flying a large group to France for the experience. We are also preparing to launch the first ever "telementoring" case between an International university and U.S.based hospital in the near future, for case observation and training purposes with both physicians and sales personnel. In the future, we look to expand this remote telementoring to our salesforce, where remote trainers and subject matter experts will have the ability to walk new sales representatives through procedures and in-services from a remote location, ensuring they provide customers with the most accurate and up-todate information on the safe and effective use of our products in a surgical setting. The possibilities are truly endless and this technology is showing early signs of promise for conducting training on a global scale. I would encourage us all to stay open to the possibilities that cutting-edge technology can bring to our programs and continue to work to remove all global and financial barriers to providing an innovative, comprehensive and efficient way of remote training. We need to strongly embrace the world of technology to help expand beyond where we have been and help shape the future of tomorrow! I Keri Hawkins is director, sales training and development, Covidien Neurovascular. Email Keri at FOCUS | FALL 2014 | 11

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