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LEADERSHIP/MANAGEMENTDEVELOPMENT Leader-Led Learning: Developing Capabilities I By Wendy Heckelman, Ph.D. Using a leader-led development approach fosters a culture of continuous learning. 40 A lthough leadership development has been cited as the most urgent human capital need, many organizations face decreasing budgets for their formal learning and development programs. One solution is to shift the accountability for leadership development from HR and L&D to one that is spread more broadly across the organization and utilizes leader-led development. Here, each manager is responsible for developing overall skills and leadership capabilities. However, in order to achieve success, organizations need to provide specific tools and guidance on how best to develop the necessary leadership capabilities. These may include developmental planning guides with on-the-job experiences, leader-led learning modules and ongoing coaching. To help with on-the-job learning, the organization can create developmental planning guides, which can be organized by competency and include suggested activities where an individual learns by doing, learns from others, enhances skills in formal programs or engages in other self-study approaches. For example, when a manager needs to improve his/her coaching skills, he/she can actively identify other role models to discuss best practices with and how to handle typical coaching related challenges. The leader could then implement these best practices over a period of time and report back to the direct manager on learnings. Leader-led learning modules are competency-based workshops that can easily be facilitated by any manager without special training, as well as little to no advanced preparation needed. The modules follow a consistent and structured format with step-bystep instructions. Each module would be organized around a competency and address a specific, real-world business challenge. For example, to lead high performing teams, the focus can include lessons on "supporting each other" as part of the suite of teamwork topics. This allows the team to engage in a FOCUS | FALL 2014 |

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