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FROM THE PRESIDENT John Sjovall Recognizing Value (and Vice Versa) People may take a job for more money, but they often leave it for more recognition. Bob Nelson T here are certain key things in life that all people value and strive for. Maslow talked about it and simply put: Base essentials, security, love, recognition and growth. Recognition becomes particularly important, especially in the business world. People naturally seek appreciation beyond the financial, for their efforts - "praise for work well done." Many organizations realize this and celebrate in a variety of ways, ranging from "top employee" type programs to bonuses and other awards. It's a smart enterprise that finds a way to keep everyone engaged through recognition. As educators, we are certainly aware of this. Think about it: We help new employees to learn and succeed. We enable mid-level professionals to develop and advance. And we empower high-potentials to grow into effective leaders. At all levels, with all missions, we provide recognition and development of talent. But, who recognizes those who recognize others? Who makes note of the contributions trainers and educators have in the success of our organizations? Often, the answer is no one, and for me it's an unhappy answer. Trainers are motivated and work hard to help others, but that doesn't make us immune to the power of praise. The unsung hero is certainly a romantic concept, but it also often describes who we are and what we do. It is important to recognize that if you are not careful, it can be the ground where burn-out, dissent and dissatisfaction grow. In corporations, as in the military, nothing can be more self-defeating than low morale. Recognition doesn't always have to come from within, and often the recognition of one's peers is the sweetest slice of cake. That's where LTEN will be taking a greater lead: We appreciate the need for recognition in learning in life sciences! It will all start in the next few months, as LTEN uses all of our three pillars (Clarity, Career, and Community) to launch the new LTEN Excellence Awards. The Excellence Awards will be peer-focused recognition to shine the light on both learning practitioners and industry partners. LTEN Excellence Awards will recognize outstanding contributions to life sciences training and education in categories like innovation, content, leadership and partnership, and a practitioner and partner will be recognized in each category. Submissions for the awards will be accepted at the start of the new year, and the awards themselves will be handed out as part of the 2015 LTEN Annual Conference in June. Stay tuned for more information, but I ask each of you to start thinking now about who in life sciences learning and education is worthy of recognition. Recognition is a basic need we should embrace and, like charity, it needs to begin with one's self. Of course, for every "winner," there are runner-ups who are just as talented, dedicated and driven. That's one of the beautiful things about recognition ... it truly is an honor to be noticed. A trophy is actually just a nice decoration, but the real reward comes from the acceptance, support and notice that is weaved throughout the recognition process. As trainers and educators, you most likely use recognition as a training tool ... the raised hand in a classroom leads to the right answer that leads to the "good job" comment that leads to more raised hands. It's a cycle that works. It keeps talent producing, employees engaged and success soaring. I John Sjovall is president of LTEN and executive director, sales training & development, at Daiichi Sankyo. Email John at FOCUS | FALL 2014 | 5

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