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5 QUESTIONS Kevin Kruse 5 Questions With... DJ Mitsch C oaching plays an important role in the ongoing development of sales professionals, and engagement plays a big part in making coaching successful. In an ever-changing industry and profession, it's important to capture the hearts, minds and attention of our teams. I recently spoke with DJ Mitsch, founder of Pyramid Resource Group and the author of several books, including From Zombies to Zealots - It's Time to Come Back to Life at Work! about engagement issues. DJ Mitsch, founder of Pyramid Resource Group and author of From Zombies to Zealots - It's Time to Come Back to Life at Work! Kevin Kruse (KK): According to recent workforce research, 70 percent of Americans are disengaged at work. Can that sad story be turned around? DJ Mitsch (DJ): Yes! There are two primary reasons people become disengaged: They dislike the boss, or they have settled for a job that is not a good fit - too small for their soul or feels pointless. Where to start a new story? Get real about what you can control. A successful retiring executive recently said, "I taught my kids and employees to see each job as an investment that will pay off in one of three ways: 1) Emotionally - you gain satisfaction by doing something meaningful; 2) Financially - The reward is great enough to support your lifestyle; or 3) Education - you become the student so this job is the classroom that helps you advance. Ideally, you would have all three. If you don't have at least one of these, you have the choice to leave. Take it." KK: How can leaders address this employee engagement challenge quickly to gain a competitive advantage? DJ: "Listen!" Conduct listening sessions in small groups with all employees. Ask this question, "What needs to change for you to feel fully alive at the end of the workday?" KK: Is it possible to have people really become and stay zealously enthusiastic? DJ: No one is born a zombie. Happiness is a natural state of mind and it is an inner game at work. The first step may be a savings plan for financial freedom and spending a few hours a week learning a new skill or working in service to a community that will provide more meaning. Everyone can dream up an aspiration and align their work to that! KK: If we gave people a magic wand to help them stay engaged, what do you think they would change first? DJ: They would first change how we lead our lives and orient careers around a noble cause. Life sciences companies are sincere about helping patients enjoy their lives, breathe easier and live longer. They need the same mission for their teams. KK: What are good leaders getting right? DJ: They are self aware and they care! They listen for the heart of the matter and they regard people as colleagues on the path - all human, all imperfect and all learning. They turn complaints into requests for people to speak their minds, so they build trust. They also pay attention to what people are dying to contribute and make ways for everyone to take leadership. They give people credit and are enthusiastic without apology. They become the zealot leaders others willingly follow! I Kevin Kruse is executive director of LTEN and co-author of the New York Times best-seller, We: How to Increase Performance and Proļ¬ts through Full Engagement. Email Kevin at 54 FOCUS | FALL 2014 |

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